Lungu is Zambia’s ultimate enemy – Pilato

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President Lungu

Musician and human rights activist Chama Fumba, better known by his stage name Pilato, has launched yet another stinging attack on President Edgar Lungu, describing his as “Zambia’s ultimate enemy”.

In a Facebook post, the controversial artiste expressed his frustration over President Lungu’s dismissive attitude towards the recently released Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) 2018 Trends Report which revealed that the country lost K6.1 billion to financial crimes.

Pilato, an ardent critic of President Lungu and the PF regime both in his songs and public statements, wrote: “President Lungu is a very funny guy. So the Financial Intelligence Centre informs him of how his own government lost money to corruption, fraud, money laundering etc and the only thing he does is mumble his way out. 🤣😂🤣 Mfwiti mfwiti mfwiti and he is gone. Classic indeed.”

He added: “This is the money that could have bought drugs in our hospitals and clinics in the rural Zambia. This is the money that could have paid Zamtel workers, Council workers, pensioners and funded our universities. Or better still this is the money that should have gone to China for loan repayments but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care because he is no longer hungry. He doesn’t care because it is politicians that stole it. He instead rubbished it. I think president Lungu is the ultimate enemy of this country pantu there’s no way he can ignore the screaming loss of billions of kwachas and goes an extra mile to even discredit the organisation that informs him of such a serious issue. He doesn’t care that we have lost money. He has refused to take responsibility and fight corruption instead he just wants to be a spectator like everyone else. Bushe imwe so you thought being a president was just about wearing expensive suits and the police escort? Mbuya wanga pulizi, musachite chocho naimwe. Funny guy #OpenCBU #YellowCard”


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