‘Lungu is the one promoting tribal politics in the country’

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We find it despicable that Mr. Edgar Lungu has continued to allow reprehensible tribal campaigns in the ongoing Kasenengwa Constituency bye elections in Eastern Province through his supporters such as the Sinda Constituency MP Masautso Tembo, the UPND has charged.

The opposition party says what is more shocking and repulsive is for President Lungu and his PF leadership to keep dragging the UPND into their hateful tribal campaigns when the party is not even participating in the Kasenengwa Constituency bye elections.

Sinda MP Masautso Tembo, who is part of the PF campaign team, was captured on camera telling the people of Chilile area of Kwenje Ward in Kasenengwa Constituency not to vote for politicians from other provinces.

Kwao nikwao, kwao nikwa…(audience responds, nikwao!), kuno nikwa…(audience responds, nikwasu!) kuno nikucipinda kwanu! Kucipinda timagonekako ni mulendo? Ene Alungu ndimwe angati pano? Ene Aphiri ndimwe angati pano? Lomba uyu Ha Ha Hakainde agone kwanu kubedi? Mulongosole? Nimwambo uyo? So Cokupemphani imwe makolo nichakuti zakuno nizakuno.

“Anzathu kuja ku Atonga avota! Kamba kakuti afuna chani, afuna wao. Ndani angachose mwana wake pamendo kuikapo wamzake? Unganyonse mwana wabene? Lomba munyonseni Edgar. Siwanu mwana? Pomunyonsa nikumpasa voti pa six!”

Translation: “This is your bedroom not theirs! Do you allow a visitor to sleep in your bedroom? No! How many Lungus are here? How many Phiris are here? Now, can you let this Ha Ha Hakainde sleep in your bedroom? Is it right? It is our culture? So what I am asking of you, my elders, is to favour your own.

“Our friends the Tongas vote in large numbers because they want their own. Who among you can remove their own child from their laps to place a child of another? Can you breast feed another person’s child instead of your own? Breast feed Edgar (President Lungu)! Isn’t he your child? You will do that by voting for the PF candidate on the sixth (September)!”

In response to Tembo’s tribalist remarks, UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka said: “The obnoxious remarks by the PF campaign teams as seen on Television amounts to xenophobic tantrums against the people of Southern Province and those from other parts of the country not hailing from the Eastern Province.

“It is this kind of abominable hate speech by Mr. Lungu and his PF leadership that has led to violence in the country.”

Mucheleka charged that the PF tribal campaign in Kasenengwa confirms the existence of a calculated scheme by the PF to marginalise of citizens from other parts of the country.

“We have always said that there is a systematic and well calculated scheme by Mr. Lungu to completely isolate other citizens from the governance and resource benefits of this country and we are now being vindicated by the appalling and sickening comments by the Sinda independent MP using a PF platform.

“The PF tribal campaigns in Kasenengwa confirms the systematic marginalisation of citizens from other parts of the country some of whom are being retired from their jobs in the infamous process of ethnic cleansing being carried out by the Edgar Lungu led government, complete with his seal of approval.”

He challenges President Lungu to come out in the open and condemn the tribal campaigns, though he concedes that it may not happen.

“As UPND, we demand that if Mr Lungu doesn’t approve the divisive and demeaning message of the Sinda MP and the PF campaign team in Kasenengwa, let him come out in the open and condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

“From past experience, we however know that it will really be too much to expect Mr. Lungu to rise above board and condemn these xenophobic campaigns by his campaign teams in Kasenengwa.”

Mucheleka is urging the people of Eastern Province to reject the PF and their tribal campaigns.

“We call on all well meaning Zambians including the church, civil society organizations, and even the people of Eastern Province to condemn and reject the PF leadership that is dividing the country along tribal lines.

“The people of Eastern Province, just like other citizens from other parts of the country are equally hurting and suffering due to the mismanagement of our economy and corruption by Mr. Lungu and his PF leadership.

“Our brothers and sisters in Eastern Province, just like citizens from other parts of the country, are looking for solutions in areas such as sound agriculture policies, job creation, health care, education and other economic opportunities for their well-being instead of being conditioned and incited to hate fellow citizens who are equally suffering and yearning for a better life under a solid and united country.”


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  1. This is typical of Easterners whether of Malawi origin or indegenius.

    August 22, 2018 at 2:47 pm

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