Lungu is no democrat, dictatorship is in his DNA – UPND

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Stephen Katuka

The UPND has described as hypothetical and outrageous the continued calls by President Edgar Lungu for the opposition party to replace its leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Lungu made the latest call when drumming up support for the PF candidate in the forthcoming Lusaka mayoral by-election Miles Sampa at a public rally in Chawama on Sunday.

“Us we have respect for all Zambians because we know that you are our masters, you are the ones who have employed us and when things happen, we just have to sit down and discuss. Nomba abanensu bena tukomfwa ati iyo kanofye uyu wine uyu, five times iyo komafye uyu wine uyu. Bola nga chakweba ati uletutulwila pamo ukwabula ukwingisha, kumufumyapo basabula… na Lukaku balimufunya bulya bushiku. Ba Lukaku abengisha ama bola ku Belgium balibafumya abati ‘Lukaku out’ Nomba bena ba UPND [HH] taingishapo nangufye kamo but tabacinja ati alaingisha uno muku. Elo ninshi constitution yesu yatila ‘we should be democratic’ (But our colleagues in UPND have refused to replace their president even when he has failed to win five elections. Even in football when a player is not scoring, they change just like Belgium did to Lukaku, when the coach realised he was not scoring, they substituted him. But our colleagues in UPND have refused to substitute HH even though he has not won any election). We should insist that UPND should go for conference or a convention, so that they can go and assess themselves. If it’s only HH whom they trust then let them go and place him but at least we would have seen that they are democratic,” Lungu said.

But UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka has reminded President Lungu – who never misses an opportunity to brag about his own democratic credentials – that he did not ascend to the leadership of the PF through a democratic process.

“We find Edgar Lungu’s statement in today’s Diggers Newspaper of “HH must go!” Outrageous and hypocritical knowing that this is the man who came through pangas and machetes at Mulungushi Rock of Authority before 2016 elections, ” Katuka said in a statement on Monday.

“From our side, Edgar Lungu came into Patriotic Front (PF) leadership undemocratically. But this does not bother us because we know that dictatorship is his DNA.”

Katuka further highlighted

This is the man who has been abrogating the constitution with impunity even when law is very clear on the stay of Ministers after dissolution of parliament. To date, ministers have not paid back the money even after the court that they should pay back.

This is the same man who does not believe in an independent Zambia Police Service, not even an independent media. The Post Newspaper is no more today because of Edgar Lungu’s undemocratic style of leadership.

Katuka said the UPND expects President Lungu to tell Zambians why he has failed to complete the City market in six weeks as was earlier announced by his government instead of talking about HH.

“As if that is not enough, this is the man who has seen many Zambians lose their jobs in national interest for simply belonging to particular ethnic grouping. Instead of discussing President Hakainde Hichilema, we expect Lungu to tell the people of Zambia what he is going to do to address the poverty that he has caused on the people of Zambia.
We expect him to tell the people why he has failed to complete the City market in six weeks as was earlier announced by his Vice president’s permanent secretary.

“We expect Lungu to tell the victims of COMESA, Mufurila fires and others what measures his government has put in place to compensate them and not discussing President Hichilema. We also expect Lungu to tell the nation what plans he has for street vendors whose life he has made miserable through his miscalculated policies. We expect Lungu to tell the nation why Zambia has the most expensive roads, ambulances and fire tenders,” Katuka charged.

He called upon the Zambian people to denounce leaders who have no vision.

“We call upon the Zambian people to denounce leaders who have no vision. Lungu should know that the people of Zambia are more concerned about how they are going to remove him from power since he has shown serious hunger for power that he is ready to even defy the constitution and go for a third term.
Zambians is very unfortunate to have a leader who has no vision or any clue of how to address the challenges affecting them. A leader who has brought violence and aggression on the country.

“Incase leadership has gone to his head and blinded him, we wish to remind Lungu that many Zambians are sick and tired of his corrupt government and are now looking for the best way to remove him democratically.”

Katuka also called on all “sober minded” Zambians to read the UPND constitution so that they are not misled by someone (Lungu) who fails to understand even the national constitution.






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