Lungu has a clear conscious otherwise would not fire Chilubanama

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President Lungu

President Lungu

Yes, it is true my elder brother Chilubanama has been dismissed and my sources tell me that, it is related to the beating up of Andrew Kamanga.


I will openly declare that, I am close to Chilubanama and I feel for him. He has his weaknesses like anybody else but he is also a very good man. I am standing next to him (Chilubanama) in this difficult time.


“Mudala I will be praying for you” and I will always respect and appreciate you”.


However, there is something very positive about President Lungu which I am happy with.


This shows that President Lungu has come with a different attitude from the way he did in 2015. I say, thank God to that.


Sometimes a leader must act decisively to set a tone, I like this one.


President has also clearly denounced violence which many people have been accusing him of not acting upon. He used to talk but now he has acted strongly against it.


When I was beaten by UPND cadres, HH defended them but here is ECL firing a man that he is so close to over a violence allegation and you wonder why I hold the later in high esteem.


The other issue, is that, Chilubanama was one of the people that  the opposition accused to have rigged elections for President Lungu. Now, if indeed Chilubanama was involved in rigging or if there was rigging, would the President fire him in the middle of a petition?


This act is a clear testimony that President Lungu has nothing to fear. The man is clean.


For your own information, the President was fuming around State House such that, everyone is currently scared and they don’t know what next.


Is that how a man who is scared of the Concourt behave?


Chilubanama worked so hard during the campaigns, that you would not expect him to be fired, but it seems we are going to see a different Lungu this time.


I pray that the corrupt ministers will not be returned, mwebantu.

By Chilufya Tayali


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