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Lungu finally showing true colours, says HH as he tours Mazyopa, Kabanana and Chazanga compounds

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I knew Edgar Lungu and his PF government would thank Zambians differently after 100 days in office and today he has rewarded them with an increase in fuel prices, says UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking when he addressed party officials and some residents in Chazanga and Mazyopa Compounds during his continued countrywide thanks giving tours, Mr. Hichilema said the PF were finally showing their true colours.

The UPND leader urged Zambians to brace themselves for tough and hard times ahead due to increased cost of living in the country as the PF implements their ‘more money in their pockets, but no money in your pockets’.

“The PF Governments priorities are completely upside down. At a time when the majority of our people have no jobs, no money for school fees, and are struggling with house rentals, they have thanked Zambians with a fuel increase that will immediately escalate the already high cost of living.

“You can study any economics book and you won’t find the strange way our colleagues are doing things to address the plight of the majority poormasses. That’s why they cannot even come here to see for themselves the poverty and hunger I am seeing,” he told residents and officials at various meetings.

Mr. Hichilema, who rode on buses to Mandevu Constituency areas such as Kabanana, Chazanga, and Mazyopa, to the delight of residents, attended funerals in the area and undertook some community works, said the PF’s priorities were endless bye-elections at the expense of addressing economic challenges in the country.

“We warned them about the negative implications of some of their bad policies that have weakened the Kwacha leading to an increase in fuel and other commodities. In fact, other than the so called weak Kwacha, which they created themselves due to poor economic planning, they should just admit that they are totally broke. But we know them. Towards next year’s elections, they might reduce to cheat you again. And they are very crafty in that when they were reducing fuel towards January elections last time, it was the minister who announced, but today they don’t even want to be associated with harsh policies and have told ERB to announce,” said Mr. Hichilema who mainly spoke in Nyanja and Bemba languages.

The UPND leader, who walked and inspected a foot-bridge constructed at K4 million, and some road works, wondered why the cost of road construction in the country per kilometer is now three times more than it was before PF came into power.

“This country is blessed with lots of resources such as minerals, water, and very unique climatic conditions where a proper government would have utilized and harnessed these for the benefit of the majority of Zambians, instead of a few politicians that were enjoying free things including beer,” he said.

He called on the UPND leadership across the country to work for and economically liberate the suffering Zambian masses.


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