Lungu accepts Roan defeat, as Davies Mwila refuses to resign

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President Edgar Lungu has accepted the Roan Constituency parliamentary by-election defeat.

And PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has denied ever promising to resign if the NDC won the Roan parliamentary by-election.

Commenting on his party’s humiliating defeat at the hands of the Chshimba Kambwili-led NDC in Roan, President Lungu says in as much as it is not the result that he desired, the people have spoken, and that is what democracy calls for.

“This is not the result we desired but democracy has delivered and congratulations to the two Members of Parliament,” he said at State House today, adding “Democracy is a system of governance we willingly gave ourselves so we must abide by its dictates.”

The President joked that he feels like a Manchester United Football Club supporter that has just lost a game.

President Lungu has since called for serious introspection within the ruling PF in the wake of the Roan defeat.

And presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda has announced that President Lungu has signed into law the the controversial National Dialogue Bill. He says says the President assented to the bill on April 9th 2019.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila (left) at the party Secretariat today

Meanwhile, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says he never promised to resign if NDC won the Roan parliamentary by-election.

“Who quoted that? Who said I was going to resign? People had said I was going to resign, but I never said that, and there is no justification for me to resign,” said Mwila in response to Radio Phoenix reporter Pruedence Siabana who had asked him if he was going to honour his campaign promise of resigning if the NDC defeated PF in Roan. This was during a press briefing at the party secretariat, Friday morning.

“Me I can tell you, people don’t want to face facts. You can’t continue winning without losing. Us we have only lost one, the UPND have continued losing. And when we win, no one has come to congratulate us.”

Mwila, who thanked the people of Bahati for giving PF a landslide victory, admitted that the opposition alliance strategy had worked against his party in Roan.

“We celebrate our success with thanksgiving to the people of Bahati and structures in the Province. We vow to remain faithful to them and we will continue to engage them and work with them in the interest of development. We also pay tribute to the foot soldiers, our grassroots membership and structures as well as the well-able campaign team for their hard work and determination. We also thank the candidates from all the political parties involved in this election for conducting peaceful campaigns. This is how it should be always and everywhere. PF has once again demonstrated that it is possible to win elections without violence and bloodshed,” said Mwia.

“We congratulate the NDC and UPND for their joint victory for in Roan Constituency by way of a protest vote that has been handed to the Patriotic Front. The result did not go our way, but we still receive it with thanks giving and we shall be going back to Roan Constituency to thank the people. We shall re-group, re-strategize and re-launch ourselves in Roan. We will carry out a postmortem of this painful setback and we will ensure that we regain our footprint in the Constituency. Most importantly, we know the issues that led to this protest vote, we will go back and listen to ensure they are attended to. We will take time to listen to our people including those who have been continuously fed on deceit… This is merely a setback; We are poised for a major comeback!”


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