Lost generation; a time bomb for our nation!

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As we leisurely approached Robert compound Friday last week in our skolokolo, our instincts immediately whispered to us there was something amiss in the air. Deathly silence had gripped this usually boisterous community. In a distance we could hear guttural sounds and military like stamping of feet. In no time, we could see objects flying in the air from opposite directions in rapid succession. As we drew nearer, we could tell those were actually stones………big ones for that matter! A cold chill instantly swirled in my mind and quickly surged down my spine like megawatts of power. I trembled spasmodically. I had never been that scared before in my whole entire life.

I made a U-turn and packed the vehicle at a safe distance. Insults were unleashed on anyone that unknowingly found themselves on the scene regardless of age or gender. Those that dared respond risked being beaten to pulp. This was clearly a lost generation – no respect for anyone, no values; devoid of culture what so ever!

Apparently, a gang war was going on between two rival groups – the Tokotas and Mbwambwambwas (loosely translated as dogs). People had withdrawn to their homes and watched the ensuing battle through partially drawn curtains. The usually busy main road that connects the city to the Presidential lodge was completely deserted but strewn with debris as these youths, some of them as young as 13, flexed their muscles!

As it were, there was a funeral involving a gangster in the community and battle for the control of the turf had now erupted. As the Tokotas attempted to launch a counter attack armed with stones and other offensive weapons while shouting and hurling earth shattering insults, the Mbwambwambwas on the other hand charged at them while barking like dogs! When there was no one near in sight to cast stones at, the two opposing sides resorted to ‘raining’ stones on roof stops. I’d like to reiterate, especially for the benefit of some of our leaders that choose to pretend all is well, that this was so surreal and unnerving.

In no time though, police from a local police station led by an officer renowned for instilling fear even in the most notorious thugs and gangsters, whom we shall only refer to as Inspector Moss, stormed the scene! Upon firing a few live bullets in the air, the lads were scuttling in different directions like frightened little rats!

I’d like to believe such groups aren’t peculiar to this community, a similar situation obtains elsewhere. Remember the so called sons of the devil (SOD) in Chimwemwe? How can we allow such groups grow to such extreme magnitudes that they can now rein terror with impunity? Where are the authorities? What about you the parents; are you still imparting cultural norms in your children?

It’s just a matter of time that these groups will grow so strong and powerful and become so untouchable. It’s even disappointing that politicians from both sides of political divide often entertain the company of such characters all in the name of providing security.

Group leaders of these gangs even have the audacity to refer to themselves as ‘Commanders.’ If our citizens aren’t allowed to wear military fatigues, how come we’ve allowed theses thugs to use military titles?

Fellow citizens, let’s now debate.



Bill M. Kapinga

Freelance writer

NB: Look out for my next article – Africa is indeed a shithole continent!


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