Loadshedding undermining COVID-19 fight- citizens

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Some citizens have expressed concern over the continued loadshedding in the country, saying it undermines the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

They say the availability of electricity encourages people to stay indoors as they would have a lot to do, thereby helping curb unnecessary movements.

They also maintain that electricity helps people keep warm and treat themselves to warm baths, a situation that helps keep various colds at bay.

Lusaka resident, Eunice Zuze, says the continued loadshedding currently being experienced in the country is undermining the fight against the pandemic.

She told this publication in an interview that the power utility should look for other ways to increase electricity generation, or else it would be hard to fight coronavirus.

“I understand the current loadshedding is not only caused by water levels, but, as a result of technical faults,” she said, adding that correcting the technical side things can also help ease the situation.

Another resident, only identified as Joe, concurred with Zuze, saying unavailability of electricity could lead to many people failing to stay indoors as they try to search for alternative sources of energy, such as firewood.

“As long as there is continued loadshedding, it is hard to convince people to stay indoors,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zambia is currently experiencing an energy deficit primarily due to low water levels at its hydro power stations.

In June 2015 the national utility instituted a load-shedding program to reduce energy consumption.

Most residential customers are nominally without electricity more than eight hours per day.

Most recently, the power utility, Zesco introduced a 10 to 15 hour loadshedding.

Zesco public relations manager Hazel Zulu, once stated that the additional loadshedding was also as a result of technical problems.

“It should be noted that this additional load shedding has become essential in order to protect the power system from collapse and to ensure that the available power is distributed equitably to all customers,” Zulu stated.

She appealed to citizens to employ energy efficiency and conservation initiatives such as completely switching off lights and electrical appliances when not in use as well as consider migrating to the use of gas for cooking and solar for lighting.


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