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Load shedding and the collapse of our national grid

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By Lubinda Haabazoka

There is no doubt that climate change has had a negative effect on our ability to generate electricity but we need to admit for once that poor planing and Human Resource overhaul has also negatively affected the performance of our utility!

Yesterday we had no power from 03:00 in the morning only for power to be restored at 23:00! As of 02:00 today power is already gone!!!

Meanwhile in some areas power are saying they had had no load shedding for 3 days!

This load shedding is chaotic and follows no particular order!

What is happening in the energy sector is what happened to the agriculture sector! We always had a year of maize in storage but we exported it in the name of being business oriented! Last year we signed huge power export deals without no regard for weather forecasts and utilised water in the reservoirs and only God knows when this water will be replenished!

We are here because of decision making mistakes! We must first admit our mistakes that’s when we shall appreciate that all this has solutions!

We should also stop feeding the nation with false hopes of power moving from Luanshya mines to fill up kafue river and other stories that have no scientific evidence! As a country we need to come up with a lasting plan to see problem!

Let us start constructing coal power plants in all the 10 provinces! Allow the mines to build their own coal power plants! Companies like CEC should be whined off ZESCO power and produce their own coal power!

In a country with only 31% connected to the grid, we are moving backwards! What is stopping government from revamping the nuclear power project? Hydropower will never generate as much power as it used to be! We need to get used! Climate change has come to stay!

As leaders given the mandate to run this country, please we beg you to give the power problem the same attention that you give to your political opponents! We need solutions!

ZESCO had very good staff that was dismissed! These are engineers with massive experience that are on the street and knew tha art of loan management! Now they sit at home un utilised? People like Victor Mundende and other former ZESCO MDs should form part of the boards either at ZESCO or ERB!!!!

We should stop playing as a country!

Power for only 3 hours in a day! Awe!!!!!

Guys why did we educate so many Zambians to only listen to a few! It’s high time you listened to all of us!


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