Living in denial won’t help the situation, Chaile tells PF

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We do not need the World Bank to tell us our country is not in a debt crisis because it is us feeling the effects, says Radical Revolution Party leader Vincent Chaile.

And Chaile had advised the PF government to tell the nation the truth about the economic situation, saying living in denial will not help matters.

Commenting on the World Bank statement that Zambia is not in a debt crisis, the former student unionist said: “We have now started paying for the loans amidst donor funding freeze, embrace the worst ever under PF govt it’s high time we faced reality politics aside.

“The only way out of this economic situation is for PF govt to tell the nation the truth. The solutions are in us the people, living in denial will not help the situation.

“We don’t need World Bank to tell us that Zambia is not in a economic crisis when it’s us Zambian feeling the effects,” he said, adding “Moreover the World Bank will never tell us the truth because they are also here to make profits.

Chaile says the PF ignored advice to not borrow without a plan.

“We advised the PF government not to borrow without proper plan. If the euro bond and other loans can not pay for itself then we borrowed for consumption.

“It’s high time President hired the best brains in the country to run the key positions. it’s not time for cadrerism.”


One Response to Living in denial won’t help the situation, Chaile tells PF

  1. I do agree with Chaile with some of his observations , however just announcing the debt problems cannot be the solution to it .
    The issue here should be that we are not imprisoned by these debts by the way which country is not in debt including the great America is in debts and they are afraid of defaulting almost every year.
    China is really an interesting friend to keep around , China can unlock the full potential of the African Continent and Zambia .
    Chinese investments stays with in Zambia than the money borrowed from IMF which has never helped us where it matters most, value addition is the case in point some one would like to frustrate at all costs.
    China will teach Africa what it means to be united and the power of unity Africa is fragmented by the colonisers who wouldn’t want Africa to be one

    September 22, 2018 at 1:55 pm

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