Level of interest in farming among youths excites HH

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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is happy with the level of interest shown in agriculture by young Zambians.

Commenting on the statistical data released by the group administrator for the Small Scale Farmers Facebook group which boasts more than 460,000 members, Hichilema says it is encouraging to see more and more young people sharing ideas and discussing farming issues.

“We are encouraged with the statistic data released by the group admin for the Small Scale Farmers Facebook group indicating the level of interest by our country’s most energetic population getting interested and sharing ideas discussing farming issues,” Hichilema wrote on his Facebook page today.

“Clearly, this is what we have been advocating for sometime now that our young people should get interested in farming.”

The opposition leader, who is a successful farmer in his own right, outlined what his party would do for young farmers once voted into power.

“In our time in office and as proved by various studies such as the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, we shall:

  • Incorporate agriculture, food and nutrition in school curricula from early ages
  • Engage parents, farmers and the local business community, not just students
  • Promote farming as a business
  • Support peer-to-peer learning
  • Use the power of role models – seeing is believing
  • Embrace the opportunities that technology brings to attracting young people’s interest
  • Create awareness of emerging agribusiness opportunities, such as microenterprises and value-adding activities like processing and packaging.”

Hichilema says there is need for affordable credit facilities, particularly to young people in the farming sector, adding: “that is one sure way to create self-sustaining employment opportunities while ensuring stability in our national food security.

“We must equally ensure inputs are readily available at affordable prices and create ready market for the produce by having more value addition industries to process our agriculture produce into finished products.”


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