Letter: Why is Lungu hanging out with a character like Chivayo?

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Dear Editor, hide my name 

I am just from reading about Wicknell Chivhayo on a Zimbabwean blog. Zimbabweans are actually shocked that our President is meeting and taking selfies with such a man. I have also checked further his business dealings. The man has been involved in all sorts of sydicates and scandals with Zimbabwean politicians, getting huge over priced tenders but never delivering, just getting the money and share with politicians. The man is a crime scene.

Why are these Zambians close to President Lungu introducing such people to our president? What about our intelligence don’t they do some background check to see some of these characters that are taken to state house? 

If Wicknell Chivhayo’s past business dealings and conduct is anything to go by, this country should brass itself for a huge solar project scandal. He is one of the people reported to have been involved in the massive looting of Zimbabwe.

Don’t be surprised when he features in our future Financial Intelligence Centre Reports, for he is known for such.


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