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Dear Editor,  


Economic conditions can distort culture and brotherhood. In our culture, we greet each other freely.

But nowadays, things are so bad such that greeting people is now a program against malnutrition. Greeting is now turned into a toll gate, you have to pay something:

Me: Amai mwauka bwanji?

Old Lady:  So chabe, kulimbe ka coin ni guleko ka sugar ni shokeko mu chest, pepo.

Me: Mwashibukeni ba Tata? 

Man: Mwa lungu kuwayawayafye mwana wandi, ala ba mambala aba tebantu iyo. Nomba twalayamba nokulya amafi yesu, wanya walya futi. Nomba we mwana, shaniko chi K5 ishiteko ka pamela bamunoko ba kwatemo touch muli ka lunch.

So we have stopped greeting, we don’t even smile because smiling is an invitation for a greeting, we just look the other way to avoid these toll gates, these programs against malnutrition, unless you have a coin.

Class dismissed!
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