Letter to President Lungu from PF member: Appeal for legacy of mercy on your son HH…Have mercy for Mutinta

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President Lungu

Dear Mr President,

As your ardent unwavering supporter, and believing and trusting that the Good Lord, who is your professed and confessed Saviour of both your life in Heaven and on earth, for whom you are building a National House of Prayer in His Honour, I am more than confident and positive that you can revisit and reflect on the issues I table below. I have no doubt in my mind, today, being a new day, you certainly have new renewed strength and approach to what me, as your ardent supporter and citizen, is presenting to you.

Mr President, whilst we were campaigning for you in Kabwe in 2015, at a campaign rally, you pledged to listen to our concerns when you get a vote. You said any issue that would aggrieve us, you would be a listening President. It is on this promise that I have strength, basis and courage to write you what concerns me, my community and nearly HALF of the country (remember we only beat HH by 100,530 votes or so), your Excellency.

My beloved President, as your staunch personal cadre for your Presidency, an advocate of your continued leadership, I would be last person to see or enjoy you being loathed at or laughed at in the future. Your Excellency, my concern is on your LEGACY. Society has a way of having short memories, your Excellency.

Let me get into the meat of my appeal, to you Your Excellency.

Mr President, I am now very convinced that you have enemies, whom you mingle with, sit with, eat with, chat with and walk with – serious foes to your Presidency because they don’t feel for you, they don’t envisage a day when you no longer is President. They know they will settle in Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, UK, Russia, France, USA where their treasures are sitting. I do not know if you have any genuine adviser, true advisers for that matter, with whom you cross check in your situational boardroom, who is guiding you on political State-craft.

However, being a Christian and given the fact that your Presidency has innovated the building of the House of Prayer, whose principles, among others is the promotion of co-existence, love and tolerance, I appeal to your humble heart, Sir, to have a reflection on what is happening and cast that to a time when you will no longer be President.

It is unarguable that incarcerated opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema provoked the State, provoked you, demeaned you and wanted to be a law unto himself. That is a fact. I don’t deny that. That is the error that HH did. That is his misjudgment of error. i know how they have been burning markets, schools, public places to provoke the State, “Umwaiche balamubala nokumuma,” you warned HH and his cadres, way before elections.

However, you have your own portion in this episode, as our national father. You are a President for all Zambians, including truant, silly disobedient troublesome children, and Hakainde can be one such child, Your Excellency. You as Father, have a different role to play. Just because we your children are wrong is no certificate for you as our Father to be perceived to be wrong.

What worries me, Mr President, is what your legacy – under reasonable judgement and perceptions by the people who love you, could be, after your time to leave that seat comes.

Mr President, even at personal level, not all your children are obedient to your guidance or desires.

You have found a way of dealing with them – with love and care. I am requesting that the same love you exercise on your own nuclear children, Your Excellency, be applied on your now weakened brother, son and citizen, Hakainde Hichilema.

Mutinta Hichilema

Mr President, as I write this solemn letter to you, am filled with tears, I have just read the anguish of Mrs Mutinta Hichilema, who went to Chimbokaila prison to take food to her hubby only to bounce as her husband has been moved to a Mukobeko Maximum prison in Kabwe, Central Province – if that is true.

Now Mutinta fears such a move is meant to kill her hubby. Which is not a fact. But, life being what it is, HH may just meet his natural death there. Your Excellency, it would be hard for your accusers to say you were not involved in HH’s death. All fingers will come pointing towards your throne. Whatever explanation can be rendered, would be hard to be fathomed as true. That is the complexity of this matter.

President Lungu

Mr. President, I have attended Church services with you in Chilenje during campaigns. I have moved with you in your troubled Presidency and I have the comfort to say, I know you have a very parental, caring and loving heart.
Your Excellency, am appealing to you to exercise that soft heart that you have for we your disobedient children, you are our father.

Historical legacy, Mr President is important. It requires we who support you, to bring it to your attention.

Your Excellency, our democratic reign in Zambia is endangered by two sectors – the Constitution and the Police. Both these two perpetrate injustice, often, without regard to human rights, Christian values or reasonableness.


Dr Chiluba started out as a democratic messiah from the trade union ranks. He was the darling of the “Hour has Come” sing song. Alas, he became a Nazist fearful terror agent against the norms of liberties and freedoms of the people. Arrogance of power went to his head. He thought he would reign forever.

Kenneth Kaunda

He sponsored to doctor the constitution in 1996 that changed the parentage Clause to stop Dr Kaunda from bouncing back to power. It was during FTJ’s time that KK was declared a foreigner, a Stateless citizen. Bullets missed KK whilst in Kabwe, the police were said to be ready to kill him, to preserve FTJ’s reign.

And the events that followed were very debilitating, degrading and embarrassing for our First Republican President.
Mr President, in the early hours of 26th December, 1997, President, Dr Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba’s government arrested Dr Kenneth Kaunda on Christmas day. The former President, was arrested by paramilitary policemen as part of a Government crackdown on opposition leaders after an attempted coup in October.

The arrest of Dr. Kaunda, then 73-year-old statesman, who led us to independence in 1964, heightened political tensions in Zambia, where we lived for two months under what amounted to a police state and where a siege brutal mentality seemed to have infected the ruling party, MMD.
In grandstanding despotic style, more than 90 soldiers and several opposition politicians were jailed since FTJ declared a state of emergency in late October after loyal troops crushed a rebellion by a handful of mutinous soldiers. Under the emergency declaration, the police had wide powers to detain people for 28 days without charges.

Mr President, UNIP cried foul. ”They are determined to make sure that they use this coup as an opportunity to detain Dr. Kaunda, to humiliate him, and endanger him, may be even kill him,” KK’s then press secretary, Muhabi Lungu, said. ”All of this is aimed at squashing the opposition. They want to use this opportunity to crack down on anyone who has a voice in this country.”

Your Excellency, even then, FTJ’s government placed Dr Kenneth Kaunda, the treason suspect, under House arrest in Kalundu area. I went there and visited him. Myself and the late Steward Mwila even did the unthinkable – we beat the System to let the BBC broadcast KK’s detention so the world could know. Ask KK, he knows how a camera was smuggled in and KK became the self-broadcasting journalist whilst in detention.

Mr President, citizens always sympathize with the incarcerated, if they perceive that the State action is overzealous or unjust – how does one arrest KK on Christmas day, for God’s sake.

Like always, South Africa now is our brother’s keeper. She always checks on how big brother Zambia is doing on issues of democracy and human rights. In FTJ’s time, then SA President did an overbearing on FTJ to halt his 3rd Term bid.
For now, your Excellency, current SA President is embattled in more than a thousand legal issues, votes of no confidence and all, so Jacob Zuma is occupied for personal survival in the throne. Otherwise, he could have come through to chat with you in person.

Because of that void in SA, it has given room to truant Mmusi Maimane, leader of opposition and racist DA party to attempt to do the job that his President, Zuma, is failing to perform. Lesson is, where the Presidency seems to falter, other concerned citizens take up the role to help.

Your Excellency, FTJ’s hateful injustice legacy against KK, using police and the Constitutional clauses, did not end there.

FTJ confessed, “I didn’t know power was so sweet”, three months of being in power in his first term. Indeed, he pushed his zealots to campaign for a Third Term in 2001.

They went all over. Some sections of civil society were in fore front. Realisng the rot and docility of intoxicated paid pro-3rd Term campaigners, the OASIS Forum of various church bodies, civil society, individuals were formed to stop FTJ’s bid.
Pressure, became too much. Parliament shot down the 3rd Term Constitutional amendment bid. Before this, more than 20 top leaders, dubbing themselves as the “Young Turks”, with prolific incorruptible democrats like late Dean Namulya Mungomba, walked away from FTJ’s camp.

So the way out for now lone FTJ was to look for a city mate, a Church mate, lawyer Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, who had earlier resigned from his government as Vice President, citing corruption. FTJ thought putting Levy in charge of Plot 1 would keep himself.

In the middle of the night, FTJ went to wake Levy up to take up a heated meeting of National Executive Committee.
Alas, when Levy took office as President, the first person he prosecuted was the appointing authority himself. FTJ was in hot soup. Levy went to parliament, elaborated on the Plunder Matrix and The Post newspaper were the information carrier of Levy’s crusade to persecute his former boss, one who gave him the office as President when he was nowhere near the echelons of power or party consideration.

Chiluba got shocked. He never anticipated such a thing could happen, at the hands of a person he woke up from sleep. And as fate would have it. FTJ was undressed and inevitably, his court battles caused him heart problems.

He never lived long. FTJ died. I am sure that whilst FTJ was going through all that persecution at the hands of his own appointee, Levy, he must have recalled what he made KK go through. Am sure at that time, KK thought FTJ got his pay-back-time. And, Levy brought KK closer to his Presidency, amazing politics of justice against injustice.

Your Excellency. Rupiah Bwezani Banda did the same against then opposition leader Michael Chilufya Sata who was arrested and detained on several occasions on very suspicious unbailable charges which police slapped on him and as it were, the courts later dismissed and RB became a free man. However, RB’s health deteriorated and todate, RB is still suffering from ill health.

Your Excellency, I have taken time to elaborate the issues that Your Office, which your predecessors held, does and go through – whilst in Office and what happens when they leave.
Sadly, my beloved President, none of their so-called Advisors or Ministers or OP, or Police bosses who render such advice and guidance for Presidential executive decision ever share in the agony of life of persecution after a President leaves Office.

Mr President, they continue in their jobs like before and continue to do the same mess they did under and with the previous regime into the new regime in charge of State.
With that said, my beloved President, I would be the last person to see you persecuted because of your Executive positions on State matters involving opposition or former leaders or any other important citizen of this great country.
Mr President, I know some would misunderstand this.

Trust me, Your Excellency, I am just your cadre, you and I now don’t meet because I have no access to you so my little knowledge can’t be brought to your attention in person as both your State House and the phone numbers I had are no longer in use. Thankfully, through this media, this might reach you – hoping that someone who truly loves you, and wishes you to settle undisturbed when your time to vacate office comes, will avail you a copy of this write up since you are very busy person.

One thing I know is that those who hate you will not even let you know what I am saying, and yet the Country pays them to give you information of what we the citizens are saying, for you rule in our behalf.

Your Excellency, please reconsider. Your brother HH is your son too. Have mercy on him. He has learnt a hard lesson. I know that what he did was unacceptable. But, like you are experiencing Your Excellency, he too doesn’t have wise good advisors. It’s a national crisis of lack of wisdom and knowledge, its deeper poverty of the mind we are engulfed in.

HH confers with his Deputy in couet

You know who advises HH – William Banda, Martha Mushipe, Katuka, Nkombo, GBM etc. What can one expect from such brains, anyway? You have noticed how people have run away from embattled HH, whom they used to say they don’t fear prison and if police wanted, they could arrest them. Where are they. They have become John Cenas – you can’t see them. I don’t want such to happen to you, Mr. President. Count on me, in your good or bad times, am yours but won’t be a cadre that just tells you what you want to hear.

Chilubanama (right ) with Lungu’s Political Aide Kazier Zulu

HH is not alone on this score. Mr President, I am surely not confident of your Advisors or current bunch of State Counsels, that is if ever they do avail you independent advice. From where I sit, I think you are all alone. The Presidency is devoid of State Craft.

Unfortunately, the onus, Your Excellency, rests on your shoulders, not on advisors. I know you didn’t arrest HH. But its your government agencies and machinery which did. So, ultimately, it is said that Lungu arrested HH, it’s a thin line Mr President.

Therefore, for me, my focus is on YOU as my President, as one who makes decisions, as the one that I voted for. I didn’t vote for Kaizer Zulu or any of your Ministers. I voted for you and Kabwe Central MP, Tutwa Ngulube and the PF COuncillors in my Constituency, Broadway, in Kabwe Central.
When any of the people I voted for take ANY decision, it is my PRIMARY concern.

I think through. I weigh. And I ensure I communicate my thoughts to them. Why? If it were not for my vote, they wouldn’t perhaps have not been there as National leaders. So my role does not just end at casting my vote, I have to help my leader work to perform justly and better than yesterday.

My quest for this write up, Your Excellency is to appeal to your conscience to do a Fatherly Act on your brother and son HH. Mr President, I can’t teach you how you can do it without breaking the law.

You have the DPP, your legal agent. He knows what he can do it court. He knows the instruments to use to enter discontinuation of the torturous process.

Mr. President, I am crying to you. I have reflected on this whole episode. Help me as your voter. It could be the only payment I would want from you for my vote – favour to get HH out of this mess, you will have done it for me.

Even when an adulterous woman was caught in the Act, Jesus asked who amongst the accusers had never sinned. They all walked away. Ask any of your Advisors if they have never sinned under your Presidency and if prison doesn’t deserve their presence as we speak.

When Jesus was brought to the President, Pontius Pilate, they cried loudly to be hanged. Pilate knew Jesus was innocent, but he had to perform his Presidential duties to slap punishment on Jesus.

Pilate thought – to keep his conscience, either please the Jesus accusers or abdicate his throne if he failed. Pilate drew a compromise. He asked them for an exchange, between Jesus and the real criminals on stand. They cried all the more to have Jesus nailed on the cross.

Pilate, as President, had a tough choice to make. He felt sad. He personally did not believe the loud “crucify him! crucify him!” calls were justified. His conscience to do right troubled him.

He had no choice. He WASHED off his hands and walked away.

HH after treason court hearing

Your Excellency, Mukobeko Prison, where am told HH has been taken to brings me sad memories that makes me cry. That is where my cherished mother, Princess Nakatindi Wina was incarcerated by FTJ’s government. She never lived long thereafter. The State declared a State funeral. She was buried honourably.

Now that HH has gone to Mukobeko, so I hear, supposing he dies there, shall we be in order to give him a State funeral as leader of opposition with State House issuing a message of condolences to his party, his wife Mutinta and all? How will Heaven look at us on that score? My heart is bleeding, my soul is anguished, Your Excellency, feel pity on Mutinta, HH’s wife, please I plead for reconsideration.

Your Excellency, if your conscience is clear that handling your brother and son, HH is alright, in the manner it is being done, the Lord God your Supervisor above, is watching. What you do is a matter of Heavenly records.

As your supporter, I know for sure, that FORGIVENESS of your son’s sins will make Heaven happy, the people you rule happy and the nation will begin to be reconciled so that you just concentrate on giving us much needed development, which is the primary task as to why my vote was placed on your head on the ballot paper at my polling station at Broadway School in Kabwe.

Mr President, am using the power of my ONE VOTE for you to appeal to you to reconsider, have mercy on my appeal Your Excellency, that is all the payment I would want from you Sir.

May the Almighty God, who doesn’t fail, who makes a way in people’s hearts, who talks to you in privacy, help you to reconsider and think – “WHAT ELSE CAN I DO AS PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA TO HELP?”

By Emmanuel Chilekwa


26 Responses to Letter to President Lungu from PF member: Appeal for legacy of mercy on your son HH…Have mercy for Mutinta

  1. I know it is very difficult for me either to have access to your office. But all i can say for now is that please sir have mercy on HH for the sake of peace in the country. As things stands now, the country is divided which is wrong. Please sir, you are our president and you have all the powers to free hh. Please i know that not everyone in pf will support this move, but please show the country and the international community that you are a person full of love and care for the people of Zambia. I rest my case.

    Kshell b
    June 11, 2017 at 10:22 am

    • Great piece sir.

      The only crime HH has committed is to possess better leadership qualities than Lungu, and Lungu perceives HH as the only threat to is dictatorship.

      Just unfortunate that in 2017 Zambia can have a leader like Lungu.Its so embarrassing. Even if Lungu killed HH, How will it benefit Lungu? Will Lungu live forever because HH is no more? Lungu will go in history as the worst guy to be president. His children and grandchildren will never have the respect of most Zambians. Is this the kind of legacy that Lungu wants?

      June 12, 2017 at 6:31 pm

  2. Lungu must just release hh unconditionally, there was no treasonable offense committed. He can not misuse state power like his own back we demand justice, no one is above the!

    Life experience
    June 11, 2017 at 10:50 am

    • Those that seek mercy must first humble themselves.

      June 11, 2017 at 2:03 pm

  3. Ment no one is above the law,

    Life experience
    June 11, 2017 at 10:53 am

  4. Remember the President himself has accumulated his treasures outside the country too. Investment is done where you believe you will get returns and you can be in control of risks.

    Bra bra bra bra...
    June 11, 2017 at 11:07 am

    • First and foremost, let me thank Mr Emmanuel Chilekwa and Mama Pamela Chisanga for this kindness as Zambians they shown towards HH
      When I read the articles and comments on social media, our friends in Southern, Western and North western, are thinking Bembas are happy to see HH treated in such a way. No no I don’t agree with those voices . I’m 100 percent Bemba both my parents are from Kasama. On this issue I personally I don’t even sleep,
      I hate a fellow human being persecutes a human being. If HH was a murderer or a criminal nobody will complain. HH is just in the fore. Front fight for 7 million followers he has who happen to be Zambians .The way I Ifeel about the whole saga, if today there’s an election, I could vote for HH to give him a sympathy vote.
      The fight is not for one tribe , all over country people are complaining because Zambians don’t like to brutalize others.
      Lungu had just over grown, he takes this issue personally, he forgets that is running the government.
      The whole country one day let us have prayers in the stadiums. If we can organize well , to shame the devil.
      And I’m really impressed that GBM , Nevers Mumba, Savoiur Chishimba, Mwenye Musenge are in the fore front fighting this Malawian boy from Blantyre ( Lungu).

      June 11, 2017 at 11:01 pm

      • When did Zambia become one tribe? When did the whole of Zambia become Bemba? I am not Bemba but I grew up in Kasama – We speak Bemba at home. Our neighbours in kasama were Lozi and Tonga – they spoke Bemba like it was their language. They welcomed all children in the community like their own. We lives right opposite the UCZ church near the president park. Went to a local school – Itunta primary, while our posh friends went to Chifwani primary; and our other neighours went to Kasenda primary. Today Zambians are talking of tribalism? Unbelieveable – !
        In 1991 the whole of Southern province and western province VOTE for Chiluba to get rid of KK. Tongas VOTED FOR CHILUBA – BUT TODAY THESE SAME TONGAS ARE NOW TRIBAL…! SHAME

        July 6, 2017 at 11:44 am

    As I have always believed, some who wanted political power in this nation, have abused used Christ to get it because they understood that Christians in Zambia were in the majority. They vainly used a Holy name for their selfish appetite when they were no near being what they profess. No sooner did they gain their desire than they abandoned the claim which helped them usurp power. Largely we as a people are to blame as we claim to be what we don’t even understand – Christians who cannot get to the nearest identity of Christian fruit of the spirit which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22). Long before the last political campaigns, the major contender were known to almost all citizens or voters as to their Christlikeness and lifestyle. Even with such knowledge some accepted to cheat themselves that those who were no near Christianity would become only by simple proclamations, yet their hearts, satan himself (“wolves in sheep’s clothing”) and appeared sheepish. This is possible the fact that most of us Christians think pronouncements make Christians, just as we have been deceived to believe we are a Christian nation while our behaviour is worse than pagans. Yes, we can be a Christian nation by proclamation and truly could be but only if we honestly commit before God the creator and be willing live by accompanying values. For now it remains a theory and we may get a curse out of this claim!
    There is too much evil in this nation and we all seem to bury our heads in the sand when orphans and widows are being oppressed. Human rights are declining! Recently as I travelled I came into contact with a man who mistook me for a Christian Gospel Preacher (Pastor). The man raised concerns over the happening in this country. He wished to know from me who was responsible for the situation of squabbling and disunity in the country. He even went on to clarify that it was clear there was a lot of hatred and finger pointing in the nation and further ask who could control the unfortunate affairs amongst the political, church, and traditional leaderships. He felt that the church had failed the country as they had not offered any meaningful advice and solutions to various political players. I listened very carefully as he admitted the economic situation would soon be an “ICU (Intensive Care Unit)” case due to loss of international confidence. He hinted that the country’s professionals were no long view as such as everybody had been dragged into politics including civil service postings and transfers which were being done either on political or tribal lines.
    I chose the simplest way to respond to his concerns. I reminded him that the nation had not been divided for the first time in its history but this had happened again under Mwanawasa when many people had voted for PF’s late Michael Sata. Sata believed that MMD then, had stolen his vote and many Zambians stood on his side. There were bitterest exchanges and wildest vulgar language at the time between the two and especially late Mwanawasa having been a very short tempered man compounded the whole situation. This resulted into a deep national division but what is of importance is how this case could help us today. Mwamawasa was very wise and so he listened to his advisors and stopped the negative display. I should even conclude that he was the most balanced leader in term of democratic – disciplined leadership. His party members could not issue statements on national matters in a disorderly manner like we see today. He turned from a hurtful leader to a loving personality. Therefore he brought back professionalism, nationalism, and the international confidence in his leadership. We therefore saw the HIPC completion and debt cancellation and the economy was back on track. Agriculture was revived and national pride once more returned to this country. Different tribes redeveloped a sense of belonging, dignity and respect. Zambia today still morns that great son of the soil for his listening ears, hardwork and heart full of love. His desire to change the situation and the way this change was managed stands testimony in the history of this great nation. He is the man who saved late Sata from a deadly sickness that would have prevented him from ever ruling this country.
    I do not write this as a siding text or in an antagonistic spirit. These are mere facts meant to help those in leadership to realize they have the opportunity to change the current situation to that which Mwanawasa left and even better – love and unity. If our President Lungu wills, he can give love for hatred, he can cancel the past and live in the present. With such it would not be long before the entire nation and the world at large forgets the recent negative reputation we have willfully earned ourselves. The president can leave the path of wrath to that of listening and building love in the nation.
    The man I traveled with had another concern. He admitted that leaders like Dr. Mwanawasa were very rare and so wished to discuss what the people could do since they did not have Mwanawasa now. I referred him back to the fact that nobody knew who Mwanawasa really was until he came and that nobody today knows a good leader apart from those you have tried and that they too can make a choice to change for better if they so wished. The people have no reason therefore to lose hope because their help will surely come. God’s time is the best and all we can do is to remain objective and focus on what we really look forward to having or indeed becoming. When a leader become a dictator, watch those they are hurting and intimidating, that is where their fear lies.
    Advice to citizens is that we must not throw away the hope for a better country and that not all has been lost. Infact, we are looking for a much much better country which our Lord God prepares and this, eye has not seen nor ear heard neither have we comprehension or imagination the same.
    My advice to the government of the day is that let them take thought of the whole ordeal today while time still lingers and choose wisdom. I do not expect that all who freely advise them will become their enemies. Instead must look beyond yourselves, relatives, friends, party, even the country. Restrain from anger and hatred and find wisdom. It won’t be long before you restore the situation and we may be back to a happy nation. Of course, it’s difficult to trust an old tool that has failed you before. Instead it is easier for a brand new one to be perceived more useful. There is still room for good choices. Finally, the arrest of HH and the kind of charge given him has eroded the national and internal images. God bless our Head of State so that he may serve the people with a love, which brings unity especially for his enemies. Amen!

    Bra bra bra bra...
    June 11, 2017 at 11:29 am

  6. Lungu’s behaviour is not as a result of advisors that’s his nature brutality. Time is coming when he’s going to learn the hard way

    June 11, 2017 at 12:24 pm

  7. Lungu has power to pardon convicts but hh is not. And all you support upnd still thinks that hh did nothing. Keep on like this, ,, , talk, ,insults but you will never change anything. Look for a new president of your party and start waiting for one is above the law . If doctor kaunda our forefather was once in mukobeko what of hh?

    just once
    June 11, 2017 at 1:11 pm

  8. Lungu will never rule forever, how many times did he brake the constitution? Many times: 1. He was supposed to give instruments of power to the speaker during partition as per the constitution,he did not! 2. He was supposed to release his ministers from their duties during campaigns, he allowed them to work! 3. The courts ruled that the ministers illegally received remunerations in the campaign period and were supposed to pay back, he did not enforce that law as the head of state, the list goes on! He must pray that he stays in power till death…

    Life experience
    June 11, 2017 at 5:46 pm


      June 12, 2017 at 7:46 am

  9. Though agreeing with you in a number of areas, I berg to differ on the belief that HH did nothing wrong. Instead of asking him to humble himself, you seem to suggest Edgar is the one who hold humble himself. For now, the best is to let the Process of the law take its turns. If he did nothing wrong, let the courts say so. For now maturity is what we need.

    John Kalulu
    June 11, 2017 at 5:49 pm

  10. Now the judge should rule becoz according to us we rely on judge malumani where He said that there was no proper investi

    Aaron Mudenda
    June 11, 2017 at 6:54 pm

  11. I thought there was no wise person left all are gone but i was wrong surely this person deserves respect you should be the wisest and courageous person why not employ you as an adviser? Zambia surely on this is divided people are divided in the hearts hh is not the only one affected here we are so many of us affected our hearts are filled with sorrow and bitterness to see our brother torn apart alive as though a murderer as though a threat to national security but as a way of keeping him out of political game chinese immigrants immidiately released at the voice of china there was nothing like no one should dictate to us who to arrest and who should not be arrested at one voice they were released but for an opponent hh zambia is a sovereign state no one dictates who should be arrested and who should not be arrested. Sure mother Zambia were else can we go and exercise our rights and freedom as your citizen? shall you watch us being consumed with treason forever? when shall you speak on our behalf? foreigners exploits us they have taken up our land minerals highly paid in the name of investment while we have none, foreigners commit crimes and get pardoned but for us we are consumed defilers of virgins are pardoned even when they are condemned foreigners commit crimes like make their dogs take the virginity of your girls and go scoote-free even when beast sim is a serious offence in Zambia but for us who are just passers by are consumed when we speak sense they hate us and arrest us but the preachers of tribalism like AKUMAWA are left scoot-free.even when evidence speak for itself. when shall you bring justice among us? Pilato insults them but he was never treasoned.Who shall erase the insults of pilato they shall be heard from generation to generation but surely my player is please mother Zambia
    Surely God is merciful king David and his friends ate the holy food from the house of God when they where hungry but God did not consume them

    June 12, 2017 at 6:00 pm


    June 12, 2017 at 6:11 pm

  13. Chilekwa, His Excellence the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has heard your prayer. Your faith has set the Nation free.

    June 12, 2017 at 6:50 pm

  14. Someone to make me understand, why was H. H sent to Mukobeko? Which procedures did they follow? was it a ruling from the Court? whose command?

    The Jew/
    June 12, 2017 at 7:31 pm

  15. They are just Fearing him and they know very well that he is the next President . and foolishly enough they don’t know that they have made him popular , Mandela was known because of prison now HH is now more than the word popular , Lungu shall remain with a very bad tag of dictatorship , God shall take you the way the bury a mad ma .

    June 12, 2017 at 8:12 pm

  16. What is forgiveness? Lets understand WORD forgiveness and how it comes about. We don’t forgive a person who is unremorseful, the offender should accept/acknowledge the wrong done and ask the person has wronged to forgive. That is the procedure. So what forgiveness are you talking about? Even the Almighty God will never forgive a person who has never accepted the wrongs committed. NEVER, Learn from the Prodigal son, Peter and many others.

    Big Tribe
    June 13, 2017 at 10:09 am

  17. If Mutinta loves her husband she should be the one to ask for mercy she stop issue irresponsible statements and humble herself.Her burden is huge now that HH is far from home.

    Ba hh
    June 13, 2017 at 11:07 am

  18. Patronage, patronage, patronage.
    Why continue with elections?
    Let us go the Rwanda way then.
    Put the laws aside and put all the trust in the mighty of man. See where it will get you.
    Just declare a one party state and make the president a mornachy. Let us forget about human rights and rule of law. President Lungu’s kindness will be sufficient.
    HH is not a law breaker.
    He just exercised his democratic rights which are in the constitution. That is all.
    Yes, the North hates HH and Tongas and other tribes which gave HH a vote. Prove otherwise.

    Concerned citizen
    June 13, 2017 at 2:08 pm

  19. Was it HH driving the convey of the cars in Mongu?

    July 6, 2017 at 11:48 am

  20. Zambia has always been brutal and full of wako ni wako…! the hatred today is not new and it will carry on. In the 1960s and 1970s we lived in each others provinces – as Tongas we grew up in Kasama and Mbala. There was no tribal nonesence then, but why now?
    In 1991 the WHOLE OF SOUTHERN PROVINCE, WESTERN PROVINCE, NORTH-WESTERN – ALL VOTED FOR CHILUBA a Bemba man. Today you insult Zambians are being Tribal just so PF leads the nation on a RED CARD? C’MON wake and smell the coffee – you are being duped.

    July 6, 2017 at 11:53 am

  21. True – Pilato says it as it is and never gets locked up

    July 6, 2017 at 11:54 am

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