Letter: The man behind the criminal activities at Comesa Market

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Dear Editor,

This gentleman in this picture here goes by the Name Farouk Mwale. He is a Ugandan national who leads a gang that is perpetrating criminal activities at Comesa Market.

This individual has carved out a fearsome reputation for himself as he uses a mixture of intimidation (he claims to be well connected politically), violence and corruption (he brags about having senior civil servants and politicians in his pocket) to perpetuate his criminal enterprise.

This Farouk and his gang have been responsible for the rampant construction of makeshift trading store on both state and private land, which is a serious crime according to Section 49 of the Urban and Regional Planning Act No. 3 of 2015, which stipulates that all structures erected without grant of planning permission are illegal.
In Section 71 the Act states:

“A person commits an offence if that person….

a) Without lawful authority , uses or occupies any piece or parcel of land or building in an area to Which this act applies,

b) Erects any building or structure in any area to Which this act applies without the prio approval of the planning authority Within whose jurisdiction the land is situated.”

In short, Farouk and his gang has been reaping huge amounts of money on land that doesn’t belong to them, while the Lusaka City Council – which is led by the bumbling disaster that is Miles Sampa – is struggling to raise money to buy tissue. What kind of country is this?

I will soon avail the names of the people aiding his criminal activities. This will include senior LCC officials, state policemen and ruling party officials who are morally and financially bankrupt.

One wonders what our immigration department is doing when characters like Farouk are running around breaking our laws with impunity. This is a guy who came into this country as a caretaker and was accommodated in a container by a Good Samaritan but he has now become so powerful that he now has the audacity to issue instructions to state police!

Concerned citizen


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  1. Arrest him & hand him over to Museveni who knows how to deal with such charecters.

    June 15, 2019 at 9:28 pm

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