Let’s just vote them out – Shakafuswa

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Patriotic Front (PF) member Ephraim Shakafuswa has asked the Zambian citizen not to worry about the controversial National Dialogue Forum (NDF) and instead focus on voting out those in power who are not listening to the masses.

In a statement on Thursday, May 16, Shakafuswa said citizens hold the real power and must stand up.

“Why must we worry about NDF when we, the citizens hold real power? Let us agree to vote everyone of them out and turn them into political spectators. Simple as that,” he said.

Meanwhile some Social media users have taken a stand against the resolutions of NDF which includes the proposal of coalition government if the parties spent reach 50+1 threshold, reduction of campaign period to 60 days and reintroduction of Deputy Ministers among others.

Users are changing their profile pictures to a dark photo in protest of the NDF proposals.

The NDF which concluded this week will have its submission tabled in Parliament and cabinet for possible enactment.


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