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Let PF impeach HH will meet them in court, vows Chanda

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United Party for National Development (UPND) chairperson for mines and freedom fighter, Percy Chanda, says out of desperation Patriotic Front (PF) and its allies have embarked on a futile mission of impeaching President Hakainde Hichilema.

“Let them go ahead, we only wish them the best of luck as we meet them in court,” Chanda says.

He adds that as fight against corruption heightens, PF is panicking and doing things out of fear of going to prison.

Chanda says it is becoming clear that as the new dawn’s fight against corruption heats up, PF thieves will not go alone to prison.

In a press statement, Chanda said after realizing that the noose was tightening around their necks, the PF have hired other political party leaders to save them from going to jail for corruption.

“One wonders if indeed some our opposition political leaders are capable of leading this country when they fail to see how PF is manipulating them to fight its own corruption cases,” Chanda said.

He said after realizing what will come out of the audit from the Ministry of Defence, PF has embarked on recruiting other opposition political parties to help them fight for survival.

“PF knows too well about the shoddy deals at the Ministry of Defence,” he said.

He said it was only myopic opposition leaders that can choose to associate with PF.

“We hope there is nothing like ka something from PF,
it’s now evidently clear that the crooks and thieves in PF will not go alone to prison but with a lot of blind followers known as Ba Nkonka Mupulo (mercenaries of ka something).

“This ka something has hypnotized a lot of people to make noise on behalf of PF. This has created a political vacuum because opposition parties no longer engage government on issues affecting people but instead make noise with no political content, as long as one is able to insult and fabricate stories against President Hichilema and the new dawn government he/she qualifies for social cash transfer from PF.” He said.

Chanda urged individual political leaders to take a deep self-introspection about their alliance with PF

“Now, assuming a good number of PF crooks and thieves are sent to prison what will become of their political parties? As new dawn government, we need a sober and credible opposition to provide credible checks and balances on behalf of the Zambian people.

“Our doors are open for anyone with the agenda of bettering the lives of the Zambian people, not those noise makers supporting thieves. We all have just one Zambia, so let’s create harmony and peace to serve the Zambian people prudently,” he said.

Last week, opposition leaders among them PF, Economic Front (EF) National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Citizens First Party (CFP) disclosed that they are in the process of issuing a motion of impeachment in parliament against President Hichilema for failing to govern the country to the expectations of Zambians.


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