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‘Let not your hearts be troubled’- says HH, party officials, youths to accompany to police

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UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has urged Zambians across the country to remain strong amidst social, economic political challenges induced by the Patriotic Front.

Speaking to party officials on the Copperbelt this evening, Hichilema stated that he was briefed about a Police call out in Lusaka but that he is not scared because he has not committed any crime.

The UPND President adds that a team of lawyers was attending to the Police call out as he is out of Lusaka for National duties among them attending the funeral of late Chief Fungulwe in Lufwanyama District, Copperbelt province.

Speaking at the same meeting, UPND Copperbelt province Chairperson, Elisha Matambo stated that all the 10 provinces will send party officials and youths including supporters to Lusaka on to accompany the UPND President on the day he will be appearing before the Police.

Matambo adds that plans to arrest Hichilema are uncalled for and will not be entertained by Zambians.

The Zambia Police has issued a call out to the UPND President without stating reasons and this has left many citizens speculating that this could be another political witch-hunt.

Hichilema has under the PF regime been arrested over 15 times on flimsy grounds with the last one being a fictious treason charge in which he spent 127 days in prison.

He however remains the main of hope the Southern African Nation whose economy has been run down and in a debt crisis.


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