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Musician and Human Rights Activist, Maiko Zulu has called for the legalization of marijuana especially for medicinal purposes.

Zulu, a Rastafarian who was once arrested and sentenced to six months imprisonment for possession of cannabis said he is advocating for the legalization of cannabis.

He said he is doing this, so that Zambia can be civilised like other progressive countries so that the nation can benefit from vast economical benefits of the herb.

“In progressive countries authorities will not label you a criminal and waste tax payers money prosecuting you for 0.4 grammes of personal marijuana. Instead they are encouraging and financing high level medical, industrial and agricultural research and are making billions of dollars through regulated trade and supply,” Zulu said.

“Zambia and the rest of Africa needs to revise the laws on marijuana and stop dehumanizing its people over a God given plant that could help create jobs and alleviate poverty.”


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