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Lab tests show signs of HIV cure for a Zambian herbal medicine

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A Priest turned herbalist has proved that his herbal medicine can eradicate the HIV virus in a human body, reports Zambian Eye’s Medical Correspondent in Lusaka.

Rev. Isaac Mumpasha says his medicine called Loso has clinically proved that it is able to kill HIV virus and to prove his claims Rev Mumpasha showed Zambian Eye results from a prominent laboratory in Lusaka, the herbal medicine was able to kill the virus.

One of the HIV positive persons who underwent the treatment had her viral load of 147 reduced to 28 after taking the herbal medicine and days later it further dropped to 20. After an additional 30 days of taking the herbal medicine the virus could not be detected.

Another HIV positive person who had an initial viral load of 198,304 took the medication for six months which resulted in the viral load dropping to 23.

In an exclusive interview with Zambian Eye, Rev. Mumpasha 88 who is also a freedom fighter said there was urgent need to address the HIV and Aids pandemic that continues taking productive people’s lives for almost 35 years after it was first discovered.

Rev. Mumpsha said his herbal medicine had proved beyond doubt that it can kill the HIV virus and it was now up to those in authority to take up the challenge. He said those in authority must be overwhelmed by the high a number of lives that are being lost from HIV Aids.

The reverend said he needs financial help to enable him provide traditional medicines to people who have various ailments. He said currently he is unable to process enough of the medicines due to lack of facilities and finances.

The Reverend can be reached on +260 977 145 940 or +260 954 744 300






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