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Kwacha fish and chips

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By Brian Mulenga

The number one fish and chips shop in Lusaka. Still is. Anyone who grew up in Lusaka knows the unique kwacha fish and chips formula with its soft boiled and then fried chip and exceptional Hungarian sausage !!

A little bit of history that shop is clocking its 50th year in business !!! There is A certificate on the wall hung there when it opened for business dated 1968 !!!

It has educated people in Zambia and in the UK, bought a farm, bought nice houses and generally made a living for a whole extended family.

My earliest memory of it is from 1975 when I went there with my Mum. I, however, do remember I had eaten its wares way before that first visit. She took me there right after she bought her green Ford Cortina AAA 148 from the showroom at the corner of Chiparamba and Cha Cha Cha just down the road from Limbada. The showroom has long disappeared and is now a block of shops.

My other memory of Kwacha Fish and CHips was when my classmate, Danny Minoyi, in first year at UNZANDO (later CBU) died. This was 30 years ago in 1988. We were provided a bus by the university to attend his funeral in Sikanze Police Camp. We bought our lunch from Kwacha Fish and Chips by popular demand !!!

Kwacha Fish Chips is at the exact same location along Freedom Way and is still going strong after half a century in business.

43 years later after that first visit, I can still smell the chips and taste the vinegar and remember the newspaper and brown paper used to wrap the chips, the sausage and the fish we bought that day from Kwacha Fish and Chips.

When we drove home in the new Ford Cortina, my brother and my sister were not excited about the new car, they were very upset that we did not bring extra portions of the sausage and chips !!!


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