KK to lead drive for African financial liberation

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The AfroChampions Initiative has announced the launch of a financial capability programme in honour of former Zambian President and African liberation struggle icon, Kenneth Kaunda.

The Campaign for Financial Independence in Africa (CampaignFIA) plans to work with governments, development agencies and financial institutions to progressively roll out the programme into the basic education curricula of all 54 African countries. 

President Kaunda’s son Tilyenji Kaunda endorsed the Campaign saying ‘‘As a family we are proud to be associated with the CampaignFIA, which is an African solution to an African problem.  President Kaunda is deeply moved that he has been asked to lead the continent in what is undoubtedly the defining issue of this generation, the fight for economic independence and equality in Africa.  For while the continent has almost wholly achieved political freedom, financial freedom remains an elusive dream for most Africans.’

AfroChampions Executive Committee Chairman and Interim Chairman of the Board of Advisers for the Campaign, Edem Adzogenu said, ‘We must honour our African heroes while they are still alive and there is no one better that President Kaunda to provide leadership for the struggle for economic independence.  The Campaign is a fitting swansong to President Kaunda’s long history of selfless service to the continent.’

African Union Youth Envoy Aya Chebbi is an Ambassador for the Campaign and serves on its Advisory Board.

As partners, the CampaignFIA will be collaborating with the African Union, the African Development Bank Group and the Afreximbank. 

AfroChampions is a public-private partnership co-chaired by former South African President Thabo Mbeki and Aliko Dangote, President and CEO of Dangote Group, under the patronage of Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President of the Republic of Nigeria:


2 Responses to KK to lead drive for African financial liberation

  1. wonderful move we as a Continent need to realize our need. Africa has been under this financial bondage for a long time yet we have the capacity to sustain ourselves, talk of the natural resources. if we can prune out all our selfish desires this dream is certain and of great value. let accommodate divergence views to come up with a stronger system that will hence and accomplish the mission.

    July 1, 2019 at 1:00 pm

  2. One needs to look no further than this choice of the person the ‘lead’ the struggle for “African financial liberation” to realize that this is a meaningless pronouncement! It is very fitting to honour KK for his role in the past. But the pronouncement is rendered meaningless when one starts saying “there is no better than President Kenneth Kaunda to provide leadership for the struggle for economic independence.” Honour him as many times as you wish but do not abuse the old man in your fight. What more leadership do you expect from KK? The man is 95 years old, he played a selfless role in fighting for liberation from colonialism for Zambia and other countries in the region. He now needs to rest in retirement rather than be given meaningless tasks with the associated parading in public of a man clearly needing to rest!

    July 2, 2019 at 3:23 am

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