KCM partner Trafigura contributes to the coronavirus fight

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Kokola Copper Mines KCM’s partner, Trafigura Services South Africa, one of the largest buyers of copper from KCM has donated 70 000 face masks worth US$30 000 (K555 000) towards the fight against the pandemic in Zambia.

Owing to restrictions in international movements, Trafigura opted to donate through KCM, and also pledged to provide further 40 000 gloves and 1 400 protective suits.

KCM chief executive officer Christopher Sheppards said the mining company was glad to help the country fight the disease.

“The coronavirus has ermeged as a global enemy whose effects have created far reaching economic, social, and medical dilemna. As such only a global connect in terms of fighting the covid-19 will win us this war,” he said, adding that for that reason, the donation is being made.

He said working together between public sector and the government is important in defeating the common enemy. He added that KCM’s initial budget against coronavirus is well above K1.2 million.

KCM is also helping two clinics in Chingola and Chililabombwe as holding centres for coronavirus suspects isolation before they are sent to Masaiti.

The organisation is also printing 10 000 brochures, 6 000 flires, 6 000 posters for distribution to their employees. KCM is also going to provide 360 litres of diesel to ZANIS, for awareness campaigns in Chingola.

Trafigura representative, Franck Rogozin, said the company saw it fit to donate because of the magnitude of the virus. He added that Trafigura is aware of the challenges brought by the pandemic. He said their organisation is happy to contribute to Zambia.


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