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KBF, Kalaba, Mutati are ‘politically brought in dead,’ have no impact- Tayali

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President Edgar Lungu’s Supporter and Economic and Equity Party (EEP) leader Chilufya Tayali has torn into a possible aliance between Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Felix Mutati, and Harry Kalaba saying they are ‘politically brought in Dead,’ (BIDs).

Responding to rumours that the three could be working towards forming an alliance for the 2021 general elections, Tayali said KBF, Kalaba and Mutati have no impact and have gone past their ‘best before dates.’

Tayali believes they are deadwood.

“I can only wish them all the best but these are Political BIDs, they have no impact. Politically all these three, don’t pose any threat, they can join the political race and I would beat them,” he said.

He went on to claim that Kalaba committed a political suicide after realizing that President Edgar Lungu was going to politically execute him, but out of fear of embarrassment he quit alleging corruption which he has never brought out.

Tayali said Felix Mutati is believed to have been dissected by the OP and found that he was planning a fast one, mobilising funds and people for himself to become President, instead of helping the Country to get out of the economic malaise we were in.

“So President Lungu showed him the door and he has since been trying to find a way back to the flamboyance of Govt portfolio.

“KBF is the Justice Minister we never had and I doubt he will ever get any big Govt portfolio, because he is too fast and too clever to hold a which is why Sata left him in 2011.

“KBF has always assumed a Govt position and tried to enjoy the benefits before he has been given the position.

“I know of how President Lungu appointed him to be Minister of Justice, but he couldn’t pass the OP test of investigations because some people reported of some money issues. That is how the position went to Given Lubinda,” he said.


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