‘Katundu Not Very Big’ song angers musicians’ body

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The Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has demanded that a song called ‘Katundu Not Very Big’ be banned from radio and taken down from all online music promotion sites that have published it, describing it as morally repugnant.

The song by group called Sky Empire and produced by BX Exclusive makes mocking reference to the infamous video where a man is seen sexually molesting an unconscious woman while inviting other men to join him.

The song has also annoyed music legend and social activist Maiko Zulu who has labelled it “a reflection of our rotten society.”

Commenting on the song, the musicians’ body said: “It has come to the attention of the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) that a music group called Sky Empire has released a song called ‘Katundu Not Very Big’ – produced by BX Exclusive. The song mocks a young Zambian woman of Petauke district who is reported to have been raped by a man who also filmed and published a video showing her nakedness. The rapist has since been arrested.”

ZAM urges all private and public media institutions, DJs, music promoters, bloggers and consumers of Zambian music to desist from playing, uploading and sharing the named song, saying “It is an insult to womanhood and must be condemned by all Zambians.”

The musicians’ body says the song in question does not only add further humiliation to the victim in of the said incident but indirectly glorifies rape by using the voice of the suspect.

“Though ZAM does not support artistic censorship, we strongly call for the banning of this material as it is morally repugnant and holds no place in the values of Zambians,” reads the statement by the Tivo Shikapwasha-led ZAM executive committee.

ZAM says he role of a musician is to educate and entertain the masses through songs that promote good morals.

“The song in question is a total opposite of what ZAM represents and must never be played publicly or privately. We further urge other musicians to remember their responsibility to society and use their influence and talents to uplift their various constituencies, further to which ZAM warns the aforementioned musicians behind the said tasteless material that degrades women to stop promotion of this material as it is unlawful.

“The association in consultation with ZAMCOPS will see to it that any musician who produces such songs will never be licensed to release any music or perform anywhere in the world,” warned the ZAM executive, adding that the association will not take lightly any attempt by any Zambian musician to disrespect women and girls.

“The above mentioned song must be banned with immediate effect and no radio station must play it. All online music promotion sites that have published the song are hereby cautioned to take it down immediately failure to which they risk being pursued by law enforcement authorities.”

The Petauke man who filmed and published his sexual assault on a seemingly unconscious woman has since been arrested and is in police custody.

Rodgers Mwanza, 38, was apprehended on Friday in Lilongwe, Malawi, where he had fled to upon learning that police where looking for him.


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