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Katete Girls pupils riot over celphones and shoes

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The pupils at Katete Girls Boarding School in Eastern province rioted on Monday protesting against the school managment’s decision to confiscate mobile phones from them.

The pupils are reported to have broken window panes at the administration block, a teacher’s house and damaged the school bus.

The pupils were angered by the move by teache…rs to go to their domitories to search for the mobile phones.

The girls are also complaining that the school had compelled them to wear only Bata toughee shoes which they said are expensive as most of them come from poor families.

The girls are demanding the school to allow them to wear any flat shoes which they can afford.

Pupils also complained that they do not have a school council were they can air issues affecting them for consideration by the school administration.

Provincial Minister Charles Banda condemned the incidence and said pupils needs to follow the school rules which prohibit them from using mobile phones.


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