Kampyongo inept on curbing police brutality

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Another extra Judicial killing by the police on Kampyongo’s watch, one of several in recent years.

The deceased is a suspect whom they accused of theft and tortured before having proof of possession of the stolen property. As per tradition Kampyongo will issue a statement informing us of an instituted investigation and then an indefinite wait for the report will follow.

Kampyongo has been minister when some needless brutality was used to arrest public figures like HH and CK.

He has been there when students have been injured and killed. Innocent youths are dying due to torture by the police.

He is probably the worst Home affairs minister and is too poisonous to the country. His inaction on police conduct can easily cause strife in the country if things get worse.

We are a Christian nation that do not even respect human life. Shame.

Richard Waga


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31