Kambwili tossed out of NDC

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Chishimba Kambwili’s woes have deepened after the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) decided to fire him as its consultant and 2021 presidential candidate in the wake of his racism controversy.

Kambwili has found himself embroiled in a racism and xenophobia mess as video footage of him verbally abusing a construction worker believed to be of Indian origin has gone viral on social media. In the minute-long clip, an emotionally-charged Kambwili is seen telling the man who was operating a compactor on one of the road projects in Lusaka to go back to his country as the job he was doing should be left to Zambians.

But the NDC has taken a stand against racism and has since told the beleaguered Roan Member of Parliament to “concentrate on his battles with the ruling Patriotic Front”.

NDC’s secretary general Mwenya Musenge told a live interview programme on UNZA Radio this morning that Kambwili’s conduct “is making the party look like a party of jokers, we are not racist, we are not xenophobic”.

Musenge also said the party is surprised that Kambwili has not stepped down as Roan Member of Parliament even after being expelled from the PF, claiming this situation was affecting the NDC’s countrywide mobilization and recruitment of new members.

“I know he (Kambwili) will go with a lot of followers but I don’t mind as long as the right thing is done. Even if it means Mwenya Musenge remaining with only the party certificate it is fine!” Musenge said.


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  1. Musenge is stupid. Why not sit down and talk about it as the two formed NDC. He has Kambwili phone number and why go to UNZA radio. Kambwili is right on foreigners and need support. His method may be too direct but there are times where a spade has to be called a spade.
    South Africa has foreigners problem because too manuy unqualified people came in and are taking ordinary person jobs. Zambians we are now becoming fake people.

    February 22, 2019 at 7:02 am

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