Kambwili refuses to campaign for a PF Mayoral candidate in Luanshya

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Chishimba Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili

PF Roan constituency parliamentary candidate Chishimba Kambwili has vowed not to campaign for the party’s candidate for the position of Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda.

Mr Kambwili said he will not waste his time and energies campaigning for Mr Chanda claiming that the Mayoral candidate lacks respect for elders.

He said Mr Chanda who challenged him for adoption for the Roan seat on the PF ticket is a very ungrateful young man who lacks discipline.
Mr Kambwili was speaking Sunday afternoon in Luanshya’s Section 22 Mwaiseni Basic School ground when he addressed a public rally and introduced candidates standing as councillors on the PF ticket in the area.

“Uyu umwaice alitumpa sana. Takwata umuchinshi, alefwaya aibike pabakulu kanshi Kakunkubiti (This young man is very stupid. He lacks respect. He wants to elevate himself and yet he is a small container),” Mr Kambwili said.

He vowed that he will not campaign for Mr Chanda but instead will support an independent candidate Famous Kabwe who is standing as Luanshya Mayor.

Mr Kambwili accused Mr Chanda of rushing to the Catholic Bishops to plead for their intervention so that they could plead on his behalf to President Edgar Lungu for his adoption.

“This boy went and pleaded with the Bishops in Ndola that please speak to the President so that I am picked as Executive Mayor. If it weren’t for the Catholic Bishops, this boy would have been nowhere,” Mr Kambwili.

He said Mr Chanda should consider himself lucky that he was allowed to stand as Executive Mayor even when there were other credible contesters.

“I will not campaign for him. Two people wanted to stand, people who were even more educated that this boy. Mr Famous Kabwe, he was Maintenance Manager in ZCCM and worked as Chambishi Smelter and Mr Modeza who was a Manager of Schools under ZCCM. These are more credible people with traceable education,” Mr Kambwili said.

“This new role of Mayor now requires somebody who is well educated. Akakunkubiti (The small corner) will not manage the affairs of this new office because all government functions including Schools Heads will be reporting to the Executive Mayor, now this boy wants to be Mayor with no education. Nathan has no proper academic qualifications to hold such an important position, he only has a grade 12 certificate and a diploma in Distance Education programme.” he said.

Mr Kambwili said he has even told President Lungu about his reservations regarding the adoption of Mr Chanda.


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