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Kambwili rallies behind Lungu, says Senior party members wants PF dead

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Kambwili Chishimba

Kambwili Chishimba

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has now rallied behind Edgar Lungu as president of the Patriotic Front and candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Kambwili who was one of the candidates at the second held General Conference of the PF but withdraw at the last minute says there are senior party members wanting the party to lose elections. He says senior party members he did not name wants ‘ukufilila munsenga’ meaning all warring factions to lose.

He has since urged Zambians to support Lungu as PF candidate and urged them to turn up in huge numbers at the Kitwe lunch rally on Saturday (today).

Kambwili who is the party’s National Youth Chairman says its time the party put it’s squabbles behind and rally behind one candidate. He says the party has to move an a united front if it has to win the January 20 Presidential elections.

He was speaking in an interview with the Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation.

Kambwili on Thursday had called for a meeting of all the PF presidential candidates to try and reconcile their differences. Sampa could not attend the meeting and he has vowed to contest the presidential elections regardless of the court case outcome.



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