Kambwili lambasted as he girds for war against HH

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Embattled National Democratic Congress party (NDC) leader, Chishimba kambwili has been described as a treacherous character whom Zambians should not trust.

The NDC Media Director, Emmanuel Malite says Kambwili is dining with the enemy, a true indication that he is part of the very team he purported to be fighting.

Meanwhile, Kambwili who attended the Patriotic Front PF conference, vowed to destroy the opposition party particularly the UPND and its Alliance.

For Immediate Release


Sunday 11th April 2021

The definition of Satan has never been clearer than now.

Seeing Chishimba Kambwili at the PF conference yesterday gave me goose pimples, gave me a cold chill down my spine and almost collapsed.

Is this the man we all looked up to as our saviour, a liberator and one that spoke for and on behalf of the voiceless, I asked myself.

Where did we go wrong or rather what demon entered our saviour?

To crown my disappointment, he justified his switch to the team he once called ba Pompwe…our dear lost soul said he sees nothing wrong in rejoining PF, really?

For those that may think my statement is malicious, let me take you back down memory lane…this man am talking about pioneered a near revolution, a party that was to be the game changer in the August general elections and had a following owing to his aggressive approach to anything that oppressed the ordinary people but today he is dinning with the oppressor and he sees nothing wrong with his act, ba CK sure!

Looking over my shoulder I see our late Obed Kasongo who died following the Luanshya Roan by election fiasco, Patrick Phiri and Clifford Kaluba who died in a car accident when we travelled for the funeral of the late Honourable Daniel Munkombwe (May Souls of the departed Rest in Peace) in which I was a survivor as we were on duty doing NDC party works, what really did they die for, this betrayal by their leader is painful, so painful.

This serves as lesson to all, ssuc politicians are not to be trusted, they say one thing and do the exact opposite. My fellow youths and the country at large be wary of such hypocrites.

Lastly the man during the PF convention when he was interviewed by media said, he will tell the people of Zambia why he left the UPND Alliance, Sir Zambians already know why you left and it’s best you keep quite, you are facing a lot of court cases and your going to PF we all know why.

So bashikulu Eli we understand you are a family man and your grandchild needs you. If you showing your relevance in PF is to start attacking the UPND Alliance were more than ready to take you own. Said Malite

Issued by: NDC Media team


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