Kambwili is practicing scrap yard politics – Lusambo

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Bowman Lusambo

PF Copperbelt province Minister Bowman Lusambo has taken a swipe at newly formed National Democratic Congress (NDC) shadow leader Chishimba Kambwili describing him as a politician practicing scrap yard politics.

Kambwili on Saturday at the Consultative meeting for NDC at Mumana Pleasure Resort announced that he will grab all the properties President Lungu and his team have acquired alleging that they were gotten from stolen public money. He also revealed that once he forms government he will ruthlessly deal with Lusambo.

Kambwili (in light blue) with Guy Scott

Below is Lusambo’s reaction:

It is not surprising that Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili used his address at some NDC meeting in Lusaka over the weekend to launch an attack on me and His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the great leader of this great nation.

Instead of the so called Political Consultant using the stage to discuss how politics can better people’s lives, he elected to go personal against me and His Excellency President Lungu.

What however is worrying is that Hon. Kambwili still believes that Zambians are gullible to take his rantings seriously. What he does not realize is that Zambians are looking for progressive politics.

His brand of politics centered on character assassination is long gone and belongs to the past.
Hon. Kambwili should be made aware that by spending his whole time attacking His Excellency President Lungu and myself will not improve his fast dwindling political fortunes.

Moreover, the majority of Zambians do not take him seriously at all anymore.

The truth is, in every given field, there are certain individuals who play the role of comedians or dramatists and so in our politics, Hon. Kambwili is perfectly playing that role. After a long stressful day at the office, most of us look forward to laughing to his ranting because he surely manages to make us laugh.

That is what Hon. Kambwili is and that is what he does. He provides political comedy to the political stage. I wish to warn him that millions of Zambians will not watch him insult President Lungu, he will defend him because of his impressive performance as Head of State.

Hon. Kambwili is so upset that my political star has been on the rise while his has faded. He should be reminded that my track record in politics is clear. I have practiced grassroots politics for many years and I am a proven political mobiliser and organizer, His insults will not change the fact that I am a strong politician who identifies with the people.
Him on the other hand has a well-documented track record of dealing in scrap and stripping railway slippers.

As Minister of Copperbelt, I am focused and resolved on diligently serving the Zambian people under the leadership of His Excellency President Lungu. I have no time to engage with Hon. Kambwili because his brand of politics can be best described as scrap yard politics.

Hon. Kambwili’s mind is full of scrap business because that is what he is good at.
This is why he does not see anything wrong with travelling all the way to Europe to go and gather scrap items from scrap yards and bringing them for the people of Roan.

He is now embarrassed that the working government of His Excellency President Lungu has commissioned brand new hospital equipment for Section 25 Clinic in Roan Constituency because we will not subject our people to using scrap medical equipment just because the area MP is used to scrap dealing.

It is for a fact that Zambians believe in President Lungu and the PF’s policies.


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