Kambwili is lying, there was only one plain cloth officer – Police

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Charity Katanga

POLICE have warned former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili against allegedly dragging the name of the service into disrepute through the media.

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that police have no intentions of harassing Dr Kambwili.

Katanga said this in response to Dr Kambwili’s accusations that police on the Copperbelt are harassing him.

Dr Kambwili alleged that 25 armed police officers and six others from the Office of the President besieged his Luanshya residence yesterday.

In a message posted on his Facebook page, Dr Kambwili accused the police of harassing him.

“As soon as I came out of my yard, police officers began to scamper in all directions but I managed to follow one car and confronted the officers. When I asked them what crime I have committed for me to be harassed in this manner, they had no answer,” Dr Kambwili states.

The Roan member of Parliament accused the police of trailing him and allegedly abusing their authority.

But Katanga described Dr Kambwili’s accusations as baseless fabrications.

“We can never harass him. He should not drag the name of the police to the media. It’s not true that police officers were trailing him or manning his house because we don’t have enough manpower to do so,” she said.

Katanga, however, said a plain-clothes officer was sent to Dr Kambwili’s house yesterday after police received information that he was scheduled to have a press briefing.

“Today [Sunday], we received information that the former minister wanted to have a press briefing. So, as per routine we sent a plain-cloth officer to check the situation, we didn’t send armed officers,” she said.

Katanga wondered why Dr Kambwili was warning police against abusing their powers over something which is non-existent.

She also said on Saturday, police officers were dispatched to Mpatamatu township to provide security at a Patriotic Front meeting where its conveners received information that Dr Kambwili’s supporters had allegedly planned to cause confusion.



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