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Kambwili calls for the consolidation of opposition parties to end PF’s rule in 2021

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Opposition National Democratic Party NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili, has called the consolidation of opposition parties in Zambia in order to end the Patriotic Front’s iron grip on power.

Zambia’s elections have been marred with isolated cases of violence, amid allegations of massive vote rigging.

The outspoken opposition leader charged that if the opposition Alliance consolidated itself very well ahead of the 2021 general elections the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) will not stand a chance of remaining in power.

Speaking in a televised programme, Kambwili said that if everything go according to plan in the alliance, the ruling party would kiss goodbye to its dominance as it would be out of power in 2021 as early as 10:00 hours of the voting day.

“As it stands as parties involved in the alliance, we are yet to draw up a road map on who is going to lead the alliance. I would like to urge fellow Zambians not to vote for the PF, this party is poisonous just take a look on the poverty levels in the country,” he charged.

His call came following an agreement between opposition parties to join hands against the ruling party. A consortium of leading opposition political parties in Zambia agreed to work together to fight President Edgar Lungu.

And the opposition parties have charged that it is evident that the PF has put into motion a well-orchestrated plan to hijack Zambia’s much cherished democracy.

The leaders of the political parties included UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema, ADD leader Charles Milupi, National Restoration Party leader Elias Chipimo, NDC consultant Dr Chishimba Kambwili, PeP’s Sean Tembo, People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti, Republican Progressive Party leader James Lukuku, and representatives of New Labour Party and the People’s Alliance for Change.

Of late there has been reports that Kambwili was considering re-joining the ruling party, and his recent call seems put cold water on the rumours that he might be returning to the PF. It remains to be seen where the outspoken opposition leader really stands.

Only time will tell!


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