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Kaladoshas schools Iris: There’s more to women empowerment than nudity

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Dance-hall artiste Kaladoshas says he does not see the connection between nudity and female empowerment.

In an apparent response to Iris Kaingu’s spirited defense of her nude pictures that have gone viral on social media, Kaladoshas contends that women have more to offer than nudity and sexuality.

The ‘Oxygen’ hit-maker bemoans what he terms as “western brainwashing” which has led some Africans to believe that female empowerment means taking off their clothes.

“I find myself in a dilemma or possibly a crossroads, failing to understand the connection between nudity and female empowerment. I believe the west as it has done for so many years has brain washed us and made us to believe that being free for women means them showing their nakedness,” Kaladoshas wrote on his Facebook page.

“There is no problem with being sexy and edgy but i don’t think it should be the main topic in an underdeveloped country. I personally believe that our Sisters have more to offer than nudity and that there are more valuable forms of female empowerment. Having a female president in Zambia, having the biggest musician in Zambia being female, having a female Vice Chancellor at the University of Zambia, having the richest person in Zambia being a female, having more females enrolled into schools, having more females doing better in the entertainment industry and so much more. Wouldn’t those be better forms and examples of female empowerment that even the younger generation would come to look up to and improve on? Are nudity and Sexuality the only forms of female empowerment or is this the only way women can fight for their freedoms? And in addition what freedom is being fought for exactly through nudity?” Kaladoshas wondered.

He continued: “They simply destruct us away from the real issues of poverty, illiteracy, disease etc issues that need serious attention, surely can’t we have female empowerment in form of innovation, perhaps a Zambian female doctor discovering the cure to AIDS? In today’s competitive world, development only comes if everyone participates in it, a development strategy that is inclusive of everyone. Our Sisters have so much more to contribute. I feel the female is a great individual, Mother of earth and should not be blinded to believe that being free simply means undressing, that’s too easy a task, if you can carry another human being for 9months in you, take care of the being in its infancy and even when that person is 40 years old they still come to you to cry, then there’s something special about you, surely there’s so much more greatness to achieve. The female I believe is God’s greatest creation, and even though society has tried to undermine her, when you look at it closely she still is the leader that God designed her to be.”

Last week, Iris, who rose to fame or is it infamy in 2012 when her sex tape leaked, held a press briefing during which she defended herself after pictures of her with only body paint covering her modesty went viral on social media.

The controversial socialite claimed she was merely appreciating Zambia’s rich culture and fighting gender stereotypes.


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