Kalaba says he will win 2026, as he submits paper for his new party

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Harry Kalaba says today he submitted the documents at the Registrar of Societies for the registration of his Party.

This week he told Voice of America that President Hakainde Hichilema is dead scared of him.

Kalaba also said President Hichilema will not win the 2026 general elections. He said schemes to keep him at bare in political battles will not work.

Kalaba who ditched Democratic Party the party he contested the 2021 elections said he will beat President Hichilema in 2026. He said Zambians have realized that they were duped and need experienced leadership.

“We are on the move,” Kalaba said predicting that he will be Zambia’s 8th President.

Zambian Eye, 5th August 2022.


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