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Kakubo forced to quit

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Stanley Kakubo, Former Foreign Affairs Minister

Stanley Kakubo has quit his Ministerial portfolio as Foreign Affairs and International Relations Minister following a $200, 000 mine trancation deal.

And President Hakainde Hichilema has accepted the resignation according to a statement issues by State House.

Kakubo who says will continue as Kapiri Mposhi member of Parliament describes the revelation sale story as malicious. He says in due course the story will be put in perspective.

However the Anti Corruption Commission says it will investigate Kakubo.

Below is Kakubo is resignation statement who was yesterday summoned by President Hichilema after the video ans document of the transaction leaked:

Dear All,

In view of the matter that is currently in the media regarding malicious claims over a business transaction between my private family business and our business partner with whom we still have good relations, I tendered in my resignation as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Zambia.
This decision is to ensure that our Government is not distracted from continuing to look for solutions for bettering the lives of our people.

I remain loyal to his Excellency, The President, to the Government of Zambia and to our party the United Party for National Development, that has sponsored me twice as Member of Parliament.
I will continue to diligently serve the people of Kapiri Mposhi as Member of Parliament.

Let me take this opportunity to thank His Excellency the President, my cabinet colleagues, the staff at Ministery of Foreign Affairs for their support while I served as Minister.

In due course we shall put the story into correct context.

S. K. K. 26.12.23


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