Join the tens of thousands who want to see the Luangwa protected

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The #KeepTheLuangwaFlowing petition has been signed by tens of thousands of Zambia, uniting their voices in their plea that the Luangwa river and it’s environs are officially designated a Water Resources Protection Area. This is the first time this status would have been applied to a river, and would ensure that the Luangwa can be allowed to continue to flow in it’s natural state, without dams or other man-made interventions that could damage the valuable ecology of the region.


The river is more than the anchor to two of our most valuable tourism and wildlife assets – the North and South Luangwa parks. The Luangwa supports indigenous peoples along its path, traditional agriculture, natural fruits and sustainable local fishing.


The tribes within the environs of the Luangwa see the river not as a thing, an inanimate object, but as a living, breathing person. The river has feelings. The river is not something that man should attempt to control, but something that man should live alongside, appreciating the bounty that she brings.


The organisers of the petition, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) endorse and support renewable energy and hydropower projects: but it has to be the right dam on the right river for the right reasons. In the case of the Luangwa, it is apparent that a dam would do more damage than good, causing relocation of people and wildlife, and, permanently altering the flow of one of the last major free-flowing rivers in Africa.


By approving the request to make the Luangwa a Water Resources Protection Area, our government will take a landmark step, one that can be recognised in the global efforts to protect the planet, reduce global warming, and continue to maintain the delicate balance between man and the amazing natural resources we are blessed with. We can be proud to have this jewel within our borders; an asset that supports both the local peoples and that visitors from all over the world travel to see and take-in.


As WWF collate petitions from across Zambia, there is still the opportunity for those who wish to make their voice heard to sign online at: or go to




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