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Jerabos Supporters of PF visit HH, say sorry

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The Jerabos, the small scale Miners from the Copperbelt who run a notorious violent campaigns for PF against the opposition UPND, have visited the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and apologised.

They visited Hichilema at his plash residence east of the Zambian capital Saturday.
Hichilema assured the Jerabos that once in government his party would want to empower small scale Miners by legalising their business and provide them with loans.
The opposition leader informed the Jerabos that he will be visiting the Copperbelt for a series of campaign rallies soon and will explain how he will better their lives once given the mantle to run the country.
Hichilema or HH as he is fondly called confirmed the meeting on his facebook page saying he was honoured by the gesture:
We were greatly honoured to host some representatives of Copperbelt small scale miners popularly known as Jerabos at our residence in Lusaka this afternoon.
We fully sympathised with their situation at the moment, and more importantly we were touched with their apologies they offered over the violent and brutal attacks they inflicted in us and our members especially during last year’s campaigns.
Their story confirms what we have been saying that our people are greatly misinformed by those who have the power.
For example, at no time did we ever say we will grab the copper dumping sludge popularly known as the Black Mountain from them. In fact to the contrary, it’s the same PF leadership that cheated them that the UPND leadership will repossess the black Mountain that has so far done the same to them and given it to their foreign friends.
Our message has been very consistent in terms of empowering our people with the local resources. Any one who cares can check that we have been advocating that the small scale miners popularly known as Jerabos be given small scale mining licenses.
We have also been saying that with small scale mining licenses to these mainly youths, they can then be assisted with affordable loan facilities for them to acquire proper equipment.
We believe with such an initiative, they can even contribute to the national treasury in form of affordable taxes while providing jobs to our people so that they can no longer be regarded as copper thieves.
We have insisted that these youths should be assisted by government with market to legally sell their mechanise so that all their activities can fully be recognised.
We have been doing business throughout our lives and if those in leadership wish, we can help them with a whole concept on how this concept can be achieved.
We assured them that we shall soon visit the Copperbelt for rallies and personal interactive meetings where we will clearly state our position once.

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