It’s time for HH to pause and do some introspection

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I’ll not waste time wading through the muddle of the Presidential petition brought before the constitutional court by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his faithful running mate Geoffrey B. Mwamba (I’ll leave that to legal pundits); but rather seek to explore how and where HH presumably lost this election. I know this might not go down well with some of my UPND colleagues, but as Dr. Nervous Mumba put it in his passionate plea to President-electEdgar Lungu, HH must not allow himself to be misled by “ba kandile.” He deserves to know the truth……and nothing but the truth.

Prior to elections, I churned-out a series of articles titled, “How and where HH is winning this election.” I foretold that HH was expected to win big in UPND’s traditional strongholds of Central, Western, N/western and Southern provinces. I further projected that the UPND leader was expected to put up a strong show in Lusaka and go ahead to reclaim Kafue, Chilanga, Kanyama, Katuba and Kabwata constituencies.

Given the massive job cuts in the mines coupled with incessant closures of the Copperbelt University, UPND was expected to unleash earth shattering shockwaves in the PF bedroom of the copper-rich region. It was widely held that the country’s leading opposition political party would bag all the rural seats and go on to wrestle 3 or more seats from PF.

In the other PF strongholds of Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces, the combined firepower of GBM, Miles Sampa, Nervous Mumba, Bob Sichinga, Elvis Nkandu, Giles Yambayamba and Major Richard Kachingwe was widely expected to deliver a knockout punch to the ruling party.

The elections eventually came and multitudes turned up to vote of course; sometimes in the scorching sunlight! While HH effortlessly romped home to victory in his party’s strongholds, and produced a good number of MPs as per prediction, he polled excruciating results in PF strongholds.

In the Copperbelt for instance, UPND was expected to claim all the four rural constituencies but instead got two, while the other half went to PF. Lusaka rural went to UPND as expected but failed to win Chongwe and a few urban seats such as Kanyama, Matero, Kabwata and Mandevu.

With the exception of perhaps Northern Province, expecting UPND to win in Luapula or Muchinga was as good as expecting a camel to pass through the eye of a needle! Unfortunately but rather not surprisingly, the party lamentably failed to record any wins in the northern region where the likes of Patrick Mucheleka, Giles Yambayamba and Sibongile Mwamba were expected to deliver.

FDD spokesman, Antonio Mourinho Mwanza, has made a monumental statement that mustn’t dare escape the attention of HH. He writes, “You cannot liberate people who don’t want to be liberated. There is nothing you can possibly do for people who think and have accepted that poverty, injustice and mediocrity is actually normal. It is a lost cause.”

Other than continuing to waste his precious time and resources in the courts where justice isn’t guaranteed, perhaps time has come for HH to do some introspection. Is he going to continue offering himself to people that have been mistakenly made to adamantly believe that he’s purely tribal, and that his is a Bantustan party? Shouldn’t this be the time to consider going for a convention to seek a new mandate from his members? Isn’t this perhaps the time to quit politics and serve the nation in another capacity – e.g. mentoring the youth in leadership and entrepreneurship? He could, for instance, set up a prestigious college of leadership and business studies that is going to produce the next cadre of leaders to move this country forward.

In the next article we discuss: How the UPND big wigs mishandled the adoption process?

Bill M. Kaping’a
Political analyst/social activist


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