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Its tempting but won’t be diverted to trivial issues – HH

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HH with drinksHakakinde Hichilema says he will not be diverted in his fight to liberate Zambia by those trying to throw mud at him.

Hichilema who is the main challenger to President Edgar Lungu in 2016 presidential elections had issued a 24-hour-ultimatum to Times of Zambia or face legal action for accusing him of having critised Chief Choongo for welcoming Davies Chama and speaking in Bemba, the Chief yesterday denied ever speaking to Hichilema.

At the close of the ultimatum Hichilema who heads the opposition UPND says:

HH seated on matOurs is to provide a true, focused and God fearing leadership that will spend time fixing our ailing economy for the good and pride of all citizens who dwell in the country.

We know there will be huge temptations to divert our attention by drawing us into trivial and unproductive debates that will not address high electricity tariffs, high cost of living, high cost of fertiliser and other inputs for farmers, powercuts, job loses and lack of job opportunities for our people, especially the youths, quality and affordable education and health care etc.

We thus leave such debates to those to those idle minds that want to divide our peaceful and united people.

Our prayers to media practitioners in the country is to be on the lookout for development challenges people are facing. They should avoid championing archaic debates especially in modern Zambia.

We have put everything in motion for our envisioned robust economic transformation and diversification programmes that will benefit all our citizens regardless of their colour, religion, political affiliation, and other things that seem to divide us.

And we call on all our well meaning citizens not to be duped by those wanting to bring hate against each other in our peaceful land.

Have a great and productive productive day and God bless you


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