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It’s now time to sacrifice for MMD, Nevers tells members

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Nevers Mumba interacts with MMD members in Kabwe

Nevers Mumba interacts with MMD members in Kabwe

MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba has advised party members countrywide not to expect favours from the party now that it is in opposition.
He said members should forget about the easy life they lived when they were in power because the party no longer has the resources that it once had because the PF grabbed all the property that belonged to the MMD.

“I know our members were used to living an easy life when we were in power, we had cars, we had bicycles and other things to use during campaigns but all these things were grabbed from us when the PF got into office,” Dr Mumba explained.

Dr Mumba was speaking in Kabwe recently when he took part in door to door campaigns for the forthcoming High Ridge Ward coming local government by- election.

Dr. Mumba who made a stopover in Kabwe told party members earlier that that he wanted to demonstrate what he meant when he said there is need for members to mobilize support for the party from members of the public.
He added, “What we are supposed to use is our heart and passion because politics should not be about money but a heart to serve the people. I’m going to demonstrate to you what we are suppose to be doing as members by walking with you here to asking for votes on behalf of our candidate here (High Ridge ward).

And Dr. Mumba told party members that there are people trying to form a new party and would go to them with material things to try and buy them but that should not be easily bought as Zambians are looking up to them.
He said as politicians members should learn to reject free things as such things will not take them anywhere saying engaging in such kinds of politics will only help destroy the country.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mumba freely interacted with residents of Kabwe’s High Ridge Ward and helped the campaign team in the ward carry out door to door campaigns.
The opposition leader walked alongside the MMD candidate in the local government by-elections and distributed flyers and visited residents in their homes before touring the Njanji Market where he received an overwhelming well come from the marketeers.

Dr. Mumba later said the ward was for the MMD to take as can be seen from the response they were receiving from residents in the ward.



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