It’s interesting that the impeachment motion has sent PF into panic – Mwiimbu

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Jack Mwiimbu

Leader of the opposition in Parliament and Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu says the impeachment motion has sent the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) into panic.

Reacting to claims by PF propagandist Sunday Chanda that the UPND want Vice president Inonge Wina to takeover power because she hails from a region where the opposition party is strong, Mwiimbu says the PF is talking “crap” because it is in a state of panic.

Chanda in a statement yesterday accused the UPND of pushing an agenda to attain state capture by making Wina their “unlikely ally in the proposed impeachment motion targeted at President Edgar Lungu.”

“Under its latest State Capture tactic, UPND is preying on the fact that since Mrs Wina hails from Western Province where the Opposition Party has political foothold, a successful impeachment process would make Her Honour the Vice President a “President” of their choice. This imaginary and unholy alliance based purely on tribal grounds is yet another confirmation on how low the UPND is prepared to stoop to attain power. It is on record that UPND leader Hichilema has viewed Her Honour the Vice President with disdain, but would allow such a process for as long as Edgar Lungu is removed from power and a “perceived tribal cousin” furthers his agenda to state power,” Chanda said.

But Mwiimbu has charged that the PF must address the pertinent issues being raised in the impeachment motion instead of “raising political garbage.”

“The PF through Sunday Chanda is talking crap. How can he allege that we support Inonge wina to take over as president because she hails from the region where we have support? Chanda must not bring issues of regionalism over issues that are anchored on the breach of constitutional provisions. It would appear that Inonge Wina is not appreciated in PF because she hails from a perceived wrong region. We challenge the Pf to concentrate on the pertinent issues being raised in the impeachment and not start raising political garbage,” stated Mwiimbu.

The long-serving lawmaker noted that this is not the first time an impeachment motion is being raised against a sitting Head of State and advised the ruling party not to panic but to respond to the issues raised constitutionally like the late Levy Mwanawasa did.

“We have noted with interest the panic that has gripped the PF over the impeachment motion. Please note that an impeachment motion is un precedented (sic) in Zambia. An impeachment motion was raised against the late president Mwanawasa who responded to the issues raised constitutionally without fear and panic. We are happy to note that the impeachment motion is being debated by the PF extensively before the same is heard in Parliament and have given us the opportunity to appreciate the credence of the motion.”


2 Responses to It’s interesting that the impeachment motion has sent PF into panic – Mwiimbu

  1. i hate and i don’t support lungu. but i feel lungu should be allowed to enjoy his loot.while in government until 2021,then,we shall ask him why we should vote for him again .Lungu is a sick man what has stolen he wont enjoy it,instead he has just stolen for judges who will acquit him as they did to chiluba and lupiya banda,lawyers who will defend him in court and his found relatives and children ,Zambia is not south Korea or venezwera where thieving presidents are zambia prisons are for the poor and politicians who oppose wrong things those in government do.

    April 4, 2018 at 5:57 pm

  2. U must b a pure bustard to say such

    April 4, 2018 at 7:27 pm

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