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It’s high grade nonsense, Laura calls out UPND SG Imenda

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Social Media Commentator Laura MITI says it’s high grade nonsense for UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda to publicise the rejoining of Prof Geoffrey Lungwangwa to UPND.

Miti a UPND Supporter who has been appointed as Commissioner at Human Rights Commission has also questioned Imenda’s galavanting in the name of CDF project inspecting instead of monilising the party as per his mandate.

“UPND SG publicising a ceremony to welcome back Prof Lungwangwa is high grade nonsense. He should worm back, if he must, after his Bill 10 shame,” Miti says.

She adds, “Btw let’s hope the SG is using party resources for his tours and staying away from government issues. Seeing him at CDF projects is concerning.”

President Hakainde Hichilema has put a strong distinct between party and government but the party officials are not adhering to this.

They seems to be admiring the former ruling party PF stance of mixing the party and it’s government.


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