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Opinion: Its a shame HH takes advantage of the sick to win votes

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HH at UTHBy Chilufya Tayali

How do you go in hospital and start exposing patients to the World in a bid to win votes? Who takes pleasure in seeing pictures in hospitals of patients? How many of us would like to be shown looking so frail and unpleasant?

Who even allowed this man in the Hospital with cameras, because I know it is prohibited to take pictures in hospitals? HH was moving freely in UTH with people taking pictures and videos of patients like we are in a war-zone where journalists have to cover the effects of war to stop it.

When I say Dr. Kaonde is sleeping you think I just don’t like him, these are the effects. leadership must permeate down to the least worker so that they do the right things at all times. President Lungu need to jerk up, this is not acceptable.

This is not about me hating HH or whatever tribe he is, but protecting the helpless patients who are now being abused by HH as if he cares. This man wants to pretend to have such a heart when all he has been doing before joining politics is to mint from Zambians at any given point. He is so heartless that he can’t even realise how he is abusing people, because all he wants is to get to State House.

If HH cares about that much about the sick he would have channeled the money he used to on his Multi-Million House to build a Hospital and maintained the house he got through Privatization in Kabulonga, but HH has no sense of the poor and the weak. He has built a house so huge that I wish I can use it as an orphanage while it is only him and a small family living in it, typical sign of being a megalomaniac.

I don’t think HH is a Satanist as many PF members wants to portray (actually I will write about that later) but it is his insensate desire to have more and more at the expense of so many without feeling bad about how it affects them which makes HH unattractive. HH has gotten so much from Zambians in terms of money but it is not enough, he wants more through Presidency.

Honestly I arbor people who take advantage of situations especially the poor to propel their agenda and I will not spare anyone including Chrisptopher Mvunga on the satellite phones (he knows what I am talking about) It is such a shame.


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