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Its a govt of drama that focuses on foreigners – Mundubile

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…… the Leader of the opposition in Parliament says UPND has put too much focus on foreigners while neglecting Zambians to languish

Kelvin Sichizya

May 13,2022- Leader of the opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile has said the UPND government was too fast in giving wealth to foreigners at the expense of Zambians who voted for it but warned that the New Dawn government must start preparing itself for a time when Zambians will know the truth

And Mr. Mundubile has challenged HH and the UPND government to stop summoning public outcry on petty issues each time they wanted to burry their own failures and misdeeds to occupy people’s minds while they were busy handing over mines to foreigners.

Speaking on Kasama radio this evening Mr. Mundubile who is PF Member of the Central Committee and Mporokoso Central Member of Parliament described the UPND as ” a government of DRAMA” which always wanted to make people, dwell on falsehoods, machinations and insecerity such as summoning public outcry on petty issues as is the Milingo case, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the F. T. J University simply to occupy the minds of Zambians while in the background, they were transferring Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to Vandata, a so called investor that failed Zambians before

He said, while rich foreigners were getting the mines to run as well as tax holidays, Zambia ended up with the back mountain and said “UPND has long forgotten about the unemployed youths who voted for the party in power now and doesn’t care about the economy any more because they have too much trust in the foriegners” and hope to realize their dreams.

He called on the New Dawn government to change their focus and focus on Zambians and reduce the cost of living adding, Zambians must demand for the mines and not the BLACK MOUNTAIN

He said ” issues of grabbing PF vehicles and calling everyone a thief, arresting people and paralising operations the of opposition was only a ploy to divert the attention of Zambians in order for them to do things that will leave Zambians crying for decades”.

He explained that there was no law for political parties to disclose the sources of their funding and asking PF alone to explain how they bought their vehicles was one thing Zambians did not expect adding, “MMD bought their own vehicles while the UPND also has vehicles they bought and no body is questioning them*, wondering why they labeled ” the entire PF ‘theives’ *but were busy celebrating the so called thieves who defect into their part*.

He said what the UPND was doing was persecution of the worst kind even in the absence of evidence and said when the UPND talked about getting rid of caderism, they lied because “now we see worse cadres who attack people even at court premises

He said “Prices are going up and life has become unbearable because UPND has diverted its attention to the rich foreigners while neglecting poor Zambian citizens”.

There will be a time when people are going to findout the truth, UPND should prepare for that time because they will have a lot of explaining to do, Mr. Mundubile noted.

The leader of the opposition said the UPND was so busy trying to “kill the opposition” calling them names, persecuting everyone but wondered why they were celebrating each time they welcomed a defector into their party adding how do you cebrate so much when one of those you knew as a thief joins you”?

He explained that no vehicle was bought using government resources and said “just like the MMD, or even the UPND, they have well-wishers and other sympathizers who fund political parties or buy them vehicles.

He said the dabate the UPND started on the KCM liquidator Milingo, the DPP and the issue of the FTJ University was only meant to turnish the image of the former ruling Party while intending to occupy the minds of the people while making regretable decisions asking “what business of PF could be that in government contracts?

” KCM has gone back to Vendata despite of what that so called investor did to the economy of Zambia”.

He called on Zambians to open their eyes to see through the UPND government adding ” it a government of drama, what they say is not what they do and what they do, you never even know or even ask them”.

Meanwhile some Kasama residents have endorsed Mr. Mundubile as PF President

A UPND sympathizer who called Kasama radio during Mr. Mundubile’s phone in programme said he was confident that the PF Member of the Central Committee would be the right candidates for PF Presidency.


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