It was dangerous for Nkombo to confront a drunk cop – Police

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Garry Nkombo

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo says it is very embarrassing for an officer to be drunk on duty.


Katongo has however noted that it was very dangerous for Mazabuka UPND member of parliament to confront an officer who looked drunk, armed with a loaded weapon, in the manner he did.


A video has surfaced showing a police officer in uniform aiming his AK47 rifle at Nkombo and his wife at a service station in Lilayi.


“It is true that the officer looked drunk. However, what he was saying that an officer can search any motor vehicle or vessel he or she suspects is correct. The other advise is that you don’t confront a person who has a fire arm like that. It is dangerous,” Katongo reacted in a journalists’ WhatsApp group today.


“We will find out from Chilanga police because that is embarrassing.”


She also said Nkombo should have reported the matter to a nearest police station where the officer would have been disarmed and subjected to an alcohol test.


“The best that person should have done would be to report that officer at the nearest police station so that they disarm him. Proving his drunken state without subjecting him to alcohol tastes may be challenging. However we need to address the problem,” said Katongo.



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