It is now time for Lamba land economic renaissance

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File: Lungu leaving Mfuwe

File: Lungu leaving Mfuwe

By Bowman Lusambo

LUSAKA—As President Edgar Lungu heads to Masaiti for this weekend’s campaigns, as MMD National Youth Secretary and MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator wish to call on all Lambas to use this opportunity to reflect on the economic potential the Lamba land possesses.

For a very long time, Lambas have been in the peripheral of Zambia’s political and economic development and yet Lamba land is the most endowed place in Zambia.

Land land has some of the world’s best mineral deposits. The agricultural potential of the area is well documented because of a favourable rainfall and climatic conditions. The area has the country’s best forest cover providing opportunities for investments in timber and timber related products.

What is however baffling is that the Lamba speaking people in Mpongwe, Masaiti, Luanshya, Kalulushi, Maposa, Lufwanyama, Kitwe, Ndola and Chingola including Mufulira continue to live in abject poverty. Most parts of Lamba land are under developed.
Palaces for our Royal Highnesses are in a deplorable state. Our Chiefs have been reduced to beggars in their own chiefdoms.
Our women continue to die in child birth because of scarcity of health care facilities. Our children are so stunted due to poor nutrition which affects their intellectual development.

Some of the world’s biggest mining firms such as Glencore AG (Mopani), CNFC (Luanshya) and Vedanta (KCM) including Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote (Dagote Cement) all operate in Lamba land but with little or nothing benefits for the local people.
The minerals dug from Land land have built the rest of Zambia while the cement produced from our land and the timber cut down from our forests is behind all the major construction projects taking place across the nation.

Politicians from Land land have been sidelined for a long time. Their participation in the echelons of power has been so limited.
A few names from the Lamba land such as the Mwanawasa’s, the Llitana’s, Mike Mulongoti, Jazzman Chikwakwa and Dawson Lupunga including Abraham Mokola spring up but with varied measure of political success.

Our call is for all Lambas to serious engage in constructive politics with the aim of developing our beloved land of birth.
We should impress the PF government of President Edgar Lungu to explore ways of constructively engaging the Lamba Royal Establishment with the aim of appointing more Lambas in decision making positions.

With all the contribution that Lamba land has made to Zambia’s economic development, asking for political recognition is not in any way asking for too much.

It is a fact that Zambia’s economic, social and political landscape has been dominated by a few tribes. We only have one Zambia and we should all be seen to be enjoying it, Lamba inclusive.

We should take President Lungu’s visit to our area to make him aware that the time for the Lamba land economic renaissance has now come. We should not continue seeing our resources being exploited with little return to our area.

The PF government has a duty to take development to all areas. But we believe that the PF government has an even greater duty to ensure that areas that contribute more to the country’s development such as Lamba land are prioritised when it comes to distribution of national resources because very soon, those big holes investors are digging up in search of our resources will be abandoned and our children will wake up to see the reminder of what should have been their gateway to development.

We believe we have a great opportunity to fix the economic disparity that is evident in Lamba land by working together with President Edgar Lungu and his PF administration. I therefore call upon all Lambas to support President Lungu and the PF candidate in Masaiti constituency Michael Katambo.
Twatota mwane!


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