It is being sadistic to discuss Lungu’s nationality – PF

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Antonio Mwanza, PF Deputy Media Director has come out strong on campaigns that President Edgar Lungu is not Zambian.

Opposition People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has since called for an inquiry into the matter.

Mulongoti a former Minister who also says associated with President Lungu wonders why the President has no relatives in Zambia. He says the people have the right to know the nationality of their leader.

But Mwanza says the campaign would not yield anything saying all the past presidents have been acused of not being Zambian.

Of late, some named opposition leaders have launched an incessant campaign claiming that President EDGAR Lungu is not Zambian thus not eligible to hold the office of the Republican President.

It is important to note that ALL Zambia’s President, from Dr Kaunda to Mr. EDGAR LUNGU have been victims of this smear campaign that they are NOT Zambian.

On 30th March, 1999, the Lusaka High Court declared Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s first President STATELESS. Judge Sakala ruled that Dr Kaunda who was born in Zambia of Malawian missionary parents was neither a Zambian nor a Malawian.

The five petitioners in the case of Lewanika and others challenged the 1996 elections of Dr Chiluba as President of Zambia on the ground that he was not qualified to be a candidate for election as president and be elected because neither he nor his parents were citizens of Zambia by birth or by decent as required by art 34(3) of Sch 2 to the Constitution of Zambia Act 1991 as amended in 1996.

Levy Mwanawasa was accused of being a foreigner, a Yao from Mangoche area of Malawi.

Rupiah Banda was equally accused of being a foreigner from Gwanda area of Zimbabwe.

Simply put, ALL our Presidents have been accused of being foreigners. They have all endured the excruciating distress of the antipathy or aversion of being accused of being a foreigner.

These tactics of accusing others of being foreigners for political expediency are not only xenophobic but myopic and must be condemned as they emanate from the sadistic insticts of hatred and bitterness.

Elections must be won on a fair tribune of presenting one’s manifesto without degenerating into the cannibalistic sentiments of xenophobia.

In conclusion it is important to note that a precedence was set by the Supreme Court in the case of Lewanika and others vs Chiluba. The court ruled that Chiluba was already a Zambian citizen and was not disqualified from election as president. Whichever of the several biographies proposed to the court was adopted, before independence the respondent had been a British protected person �belonging� to Northern Rhodesia, in terms of the Constitution of Northern Rhodesia 1963, having been born in Northern Rhodesia or whose parents were ordinarily resident there. In requiring a presidential candidate to be, inter alia, a Zambian Citizen aged 35 years or more, both of whose parents were citizens by birth or decent, art 34(3) of the Constitution of Zambia (as amended) had to be construed as referring to those who became Zambian citizens at independence or would, but for their prior deaths, have then become Zambian citizens.”

But Prime Television News Analyst Kasebamachila Kaseba says the debate is serious and that President Lungu’s issue is different from other former presidents.

“Firstly, KK, unlike EL, actually documented his history and taught in schools without being accused of being Malawian and without defending himself. In short, the generalization defense that all presidents are accused is false and misleading. Kindly, don’t trivialize and personalize a serious national debate.
Comrade, how does one on one hand distribute school exercise books with a presidential portrait without the basic biodata or caption of the portrait and one the other hand defend the lack of biodata by blaming it on those asking whose portrait it is.
I am also reminded how LPM handled this accusers from especially PF President Sata and FDD Edith Nawakwi. He did not resort to desperate antics of accusing and attacking questioners or accusers.
In one case, Chief Chamuka answered Nawakwi that Mwanawasa was not just a Chamuka villager but also his (paternal) relative and that his mother was from Chief Chipepo. Mwanawasa also went to Malawi and joked that in Zambia he was accused of being Malawian Yao.
I have since pursued the Mwanawasa accusations and many of his relatives still calmly answer questions without generalisations and lies and faultfinding in me. Kindly, say who Lungu is than fault-find questioners or other politicians.
For example, Mulongoti has said who he is and named his mother without accusing anyone asking him.
There is actually a fear out there that Zambia of EL is being overrun by foreigners just as PF of EL was overrun by outsiders. And it seems you are walking yourself into a boobytrap.”


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