It’s a privilege for me to be born from a good, honourable polygamous family

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Naciiba Benetria Milambo

Naciiba Benetria Milambo

Beneteria 3Naciiba Benetria Milambo, a Lusaka Resident says she takes it as a privilege to have been born from a good and honourable polygamous family.

Benetria a trained Journalist adds that she feels sorry for people despising her for her birth background.

She made the remarks on her facebook page Wednesday morning after someone teased her of having been born from a polygamous family.

Below is her post in full:

Somebody teased me for having been born from a polygamous family…I felt very sorry for this individual because for me…Polygamy is all I have experienced and I have never complained because I have been privileged to be born of a good and honourable family.

BenetieriaIt does not matter that my mother was the first wife but my father had his reasons for choosing this lifestyle and my mother approved it…My father has no regrets and we even joke about it and laugh it off. For us it is normal. It is our anatomy. It is our story.

Today, if you asked me if I should choose what family structure to be born from, I would not choose because that is my father’s duty. THIS IS HOW IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

My duty is to choose my own lifestyle today…I love all my 22 siblings and my 6 or 8 mothers….We know some of you characters even go out with married people…destroying families.

My father chose his women carefully, not from beauty but he knew they were adding value to his family. He then made them honourable women. We know some of you characters who just sleep with other people’s children and infect them with AIDS and then dump them. All of you who look down on me because I was born from a polygamous family or because I come from a certain part of the country… GO HANG YOURSELVES OR THROW YOURSELVES IN THE RIVER!!! I am content with who I am and that I will not change…Have a nice day!


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